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Rare, Trophy-Class Piebald Buck Caught on Camera

In nature, a piebald deer is quite a rarity.

This piebald-colored buck was spotted crossing an old road when it was caught on camera.

The footage came from property owned by Ohio's Starkey Hollow Whitetails. Now you have to decide if you would take the shot.

Watch the video below:

In nature, genetic anomalies occur in odd ways. All white (albino), and all black mammals have been seen on occasion in the woods. Even more rare is the piebald deer, only found in less than one percent of the population, according to the Virginia Department of Game.

Piebald coloring is a genetically inherited trait and is similar to pinto or calico coloring, where the fur alternating in whites and browns.

A man was able to capture this beautiful piebald buck on camera. If you were hunting would you take the shot or allow it to pass on its genetics to future generations?

Piebald coloring is often found in deer with other physical deformities, such as skeletal and internal malfunctions. Therefore, these animals are not protected.