Big Piebald Buck
YouTube/Live4Die4 Travis Fowble

Bowhunter Downs Huge Piebald Buck With Incredible Shot

Few hunters get the privilege of seeing an albino or piebald deer in the wild. These animals naturally get picked off quicker by predators than normal-colored animals, at least in most circumstances. On rare occasions, they grow to adulthood and thrive. Such is the case with the big piebald buck in this YouTube video. Hunter Travis Fowble had two years of history with this huge piebald buck in Maryland. Between seasons, the buck packed on nearly 30 inches of antler.

Travis is on a stand when the season comes along, hoping to bag this one unique buck. Sure enough, the deer makes his way into the setup. The buck takes his sweet time coming to within range and turning broadside before the hunter can finally send a perfect shot through the vitals on the deer of a lifetime!

It appears Travis made a perfect heart shot on this big old buck based on that mule kick. He probably never knew what hit him. It doesn't get much more memorable than that! Plus, it looks like it was a short recovery. If they did have to trail this big piebald buck any distance, that white coat would have made him very easy to spot in all that green foliage in the early season!

The character on this buck is off the charts. He has one of the coolest-looking piebald coats we have ever seen. It almost looks like someone dribbled a bucket of brown paint on his head and ran out as they tried to cover his back. In any case, the buck also had an impressive set of antlers to boot. The video's description says he scored 153 inches, which is a respectable buck no matter where you travel in the country. We can't blame Travis for getting a full-body mount done on this buck. It's almost necessary for the buck of a lifetime like this one.

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