Big Buck Young Hunter

Young Hunter Smokes Big 10-Pointer, Understandably Freaks Out

There are many older hunters who have spent decades in the deer woods hoping for the chance at a big buck and with nothing to show for it. And then there are the youngsters who go out there and show the older folks how things are done. That's the case with today's video from Goochie TV on YouTube. It features a self-filmed bowhunt from a young man named Lucas, who goes out for a mid-December deer hunt. He's not really expecting much action on this hunt. He just wants to get outside and enjoy nature.

His priorities quickly shift once he spots a big 10-pointer slowly making its way in his direction. The young man manages to keep his cool long enough for a perfectly placed shot. In the moment afterward, he comes unglued and starts shaking like a leaf. From there, we get to see Lucas go through all the emotions as he nervously tracks his buck, hoping his arrow got enough penetration to put the giant down for good.

His arrow may not have gotten a lot of penetration on this shot. Fortunately for Lucas, everything worked out because it appears the arrow clipped heart or lung, or more likely, a little of both. Either way, the shot looked just iffy enough to add to the drama of this one for that young hunter. We've had enough of these ourselves that we know exactly what he was going through here.

Thankfully, the worries were for naught, and the big buck does not appear to have gotten far before going down. Our hat is off to this young man not just for bagging a buck that would make most adults jealous, but for getting the whole thing on film. It's not easy filming any hunt, let alone the hunt for a mature buck. I must admit, I'm a little jealous I don't have video to remember the bucks I shot when I was younger like this. The video will no doubt mean even more to him decades down the line. Congrats to Lucas on a great buck!

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