Bibs or Coveralls? How to Pick Between Field & Stream's Late-Season Gear

Both bibs and coveralls are popular among serious hunters, but is one better than the other?

Many deer hunters, particularly in the northern states, will swear by coveralls or bib overalls. They point to the ability to add layers underneath, the convenience of having one hunting outfit and the heavy insulation each typically features.

However, most hunters can relate that the majority of bibs and coveralls don't fit especially well, and they often lack in quality. However, Field & Stream's newest selection of bibs and coveralls set a new standard.

Even better, DICK'S and the Field & Stream Shop are offering customers 25% off their entire in-store and online purchase on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That means this year is probably the best opportunity to save big on this kind of stuff.

Now, which is better, bibs or coveralls? The answer isn't all that simple, as it really depends on the other clothing you already have. If you have lots of camouflage and lots of layers, bibs are a solid bet. If you have no cold-weather gear, coveralls are a great way check off a big chunk of your checklist.

You can't wrong with the following three options, and they offer options for women and kids, too!

True Pursuit Insulated Hunting Bibs

These are basically Field & Stream's standard insulated bibs. These things are nice and warm for any late-season hunting you want to do. Not only do they feature Field & Stream's WindDefense windproof technology, but they also feature HydroProof Ultra technology, keeping hunters nice and dry.

These bibs offer you a lot of different options in terms of apparel, as you can wear them with so many things, one of the many benefits of bibs.

The MSRP is $79.99, too, which makes them that much more intriguing.

Command Hunt Reversible System Bibs

Similar to the True Pusuit Bibs, the Command Hunt Reversible System Bibs offer you the ability to wear as many layers as you want, while simultaneously cutting down on wind and moisture with the HydroPoof Ultra technology. However, these do have a few different features.

First, they're obviously reversible, allowing hunters to wear blaze orange when they need to. Second, they boast six total pockets, including two fleece hand pockets as well as four cargo pockets, which certainly comes in handy out in the woods.

These do sit a little higher in terms of price, as they're currently $169.99. However, you're essentially paying for two pairs of overalls, each of which have more features.

True Pursuit Insulated Coveralls

These coveralls will make every cold-weather hunter's life immensely better. You can fit layers underneath or throw a jacket over top, but your whole body will be covered by warm insulation. This one also features HydroProof Ultra protection against wind and moisture, an elastic waste for the perfect fit and six total pockets (two chest, two hand, two hand-warmer pockets).

It also uses rushed tricot body lining, which does a great job of retaining heat, as well as zippered leg openings to make for easy on and off.

Plus, at an MSRP of $119.99, it's hard not to pull the trigger to ensure drastically warmer late-season hunts.