The Valais Blacknose Sheep Is Your New Greek Mythology Pet

WATCH NOW: The Valais Blacknose Sheep Is Right out of Greek Mythology

Do you want to see a sheep that looks straight out of a wooly fairytale?

The Valais Blacknose sheep is a domestic breed found primarily in the high mountains of the Valais region of Switzerland. This pretty tough breed can survive rocky slopes in extreme climactic conditions of the Swiss Alps, while still looking pretty darn cute.

Can you imagine having one of these guys in your yard? What a way to cheer you up every morning. Check out this adorable sheep breed.

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These little sheep look like a combination of a muppet and a creature from the Greek Pan mythology. With its curled horns and epic fuzz, the Valais would definitely be the cutest sheep on your farm.

In fact, you can barely see its black face with all that wool hiding its eyes. The Valais sheep is a dual-purpose breed used for its wool abundance and sometimes meat consumption. Both the ewe and Valais Blacknose ram have those mythical curled horns and the most notable features including black knees and black feet.


It is a pretty ancient breed, as well. The earliest mention of a a black-faced domestic sheep dates back to 1400 AD, even though they weren't technically recognized as a separate breed until 1962.

Join the Valais Blacknose sheep fan club on Facebook and potentially add one of these heritage breeds to your farm family.

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