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7 Best Women's Snow Boots: Our Picks Based on Warmth, Tread, and More

It's that time of year! The snow has fallen and where I live, we may not see above-freezing temperatures until April. The worst weather can be solved with the right clothes, and that includes footwear. A great pair of snow boots will get you through the coldest, snowiest days, whether you're clearing snow off your car, stomping through fresh snow at the park, or just running errands around town. These are all women's-specific snow boots, which will typically have a narrower footbed and a lower volume heel. Most manufacturers list a temperature rating, but like I said here, take their rating with a grain of salt. Your personal comfort is directly related to your own circulation, socks, boot fit, and conditions. These boots are all insulated with waterproof exteriors, and have winter-ready outsoles. I still recommend extra traction like microspikes for super icy days, but these women's snow boots can handle whatever winter weather the season throws at you.

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Best Everyday Snow Boots

women's snow boots


Kamik Snowgem Winter Boots - REI, $149.95

From snowy jaunts to the sledding hill, these lightweight, waterproof boots are a solid pair to keep by your door for everyday use. They are 10 inches tall with 200 grams of lofty Thinsulate fibers, and weigh under 2.5 pounds, making them comfortable to wear all day in moderate-to-cold temperatures. Kamik rates these down to -40F, which I think is generous. However, I've worn these on zero-degree days, and they felt warm and protective during movement as well as when I was standing still.

My Personal Snow Boot Choice

women's snow boots


Baffin Chloe Snow Boots - REI, $175

If there's one pair of boots I'll be wearing more than anything else this year, it's Baffin's Chloe Snow Boots. These are super cozy and heavily insulated, and though they feel like overkill if I wind up wearing them indoors, they're so reliably warm I find myself putting them on regardless. These are also quite breathable for how insulated they are, with a "Hydromax" moisture-management layer that helps wick sweat without losing insulating properties. They are easy to pull on and off, and feel relatively secure on slippery or icy sidewalks. Baffin rates these down to -40, which I don't personally want to experience, but I've worn them on -10 days (with thick wool socks) and stayed comfortable.

All-Winter Snow Boots

women's snow boots


Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots - REI, $240

These all-winter boots will take you from the earliest snowfall to the soggy dregs of spring slush. The six millimeters of felt insulation keeps your feet warm without feeling bulky, and these boots look great with everything from tucked-in leggings to snow pants pulled down over the tops. They have a slip-resistant winterized outsole, stand 12 inches tall with a cute fur cuff, and are seam-sealed for water resistance. According to Sorel, these are comfortable down to -25F.

Best Combo Snow Boots / Work Boots

women's snow boots


Sorel Caribou Winter Boots - REI, $200

If you live in a place with a prominent winter season, chances are you've seen these boots around. These are a heritage style boot that combines the maneuverability of a work boot with the waterproofing and insulation of a snow boot, ideal for women on the go and working outside in winter conditions. These are made for stomping through snow, with seam-sealed construction for waterproofing, a form-fitting lining, and a reinforced upper with faux fur to help keep the snow out. At nine inches, these are a bit shorter than other boots on this list, which makes them easier to wear for full days without feeling like your calves are getting squeezed.

Classically Designed Snow Boot

Manitobah Waterproof Tamarack - Manitobah, $265

You can't go wrong with any of the Manitobah snow boots, but this waterproof version of their classic Tamarack is a good place to start. This is a sleek design based on the mukluk silhouette, with a deceivingly simple look that never feels out of style. These have a sheepskin footbed and are waterproof from the outsole to four inches on the upper, with subtle design details to enhance the look without overwhelming the classic design. Manitobah rates this boot down to -25F.

Best for the Super Cold Days

women's snow boots


Baffin Flare Tundra Snow Boots - REI, $200

These "tundra-rated" boots are rated by the brand down to -58F, which seems extreme, but they are incredibly warm thanks to the weatherproof PU-coated exterior, hollow-fiber insulation which adds warmth without too much weight, and neoprene snow collars. These boots are for extreme conditions, with speciality rubber outsoles that don't freeze solid in frigid temperatures, and extra arch support for those days when you find yourself on your feet for hours on end. These are great working-outside boots, weighing less than two pounds per boot, which is quite impressive given the amount of protection and insulation. These are also snowshoe-compatible, with a raised heel ridge.

Best Budget Women's Snow Boot

Kamik Women's Greenbay 4 - Amazon, $85 (see price)

These snow boots from reliable Kamik are a total steal, at half the price of others on this list. While they don't have the same quality of materials or custom-feeling fit of a pricier pair, they're a great option for casual outings, or if you live in a place where you don't need to invest in a super heavy-duty pair of boots. These are more than 12 inches tall with a burly nylon upper made to be waterproof, with a Velcro ankle strap as well as a drawcord to prevent snow from coming down over the top. They have a hefty PULSE Rubber outsole to keep your feet away from the freezing ground and avoid slipping on ice or through slush.