Winter Sunglasses

4 Best Sunglasses for Snowy, Wintery Conditions

We know summer seems like the time you need to worry most about blocking the sun's harsh rays. However, they can still harm your eyes when reflecting off a fresh blanket of snow too. Many companies produce great eyewear for UV protection in a variety of conditions. Some are better suited to handling the winter sun and combating snow blindness than others. If you're heading outside to do a little skiing, snowboarding, late season hunting, or adventuring this winter, consider wearing one of these pairs of sunglasses to protect yourself on those snowy winter days.

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Bajio Cometa

These stylish sunglasses from Bajio can easily transition from glistening water to snowy peaks, thanks to an interior sun shield and a wide, glare-blocking frame. The polarized lenses reduce glare via LAPIS lens technology, block out blue light to prevent eye fatigue, and help enhance color for sharp optics. The sport scratch-resistant and oleophobic coatings help this pair of shades stay in top shape no matter what you throw at them. The frame is constructed of a lightweight yet durable bio-based nylon. The sunglasses feature Bajio's proprietary non-slip rubber nose pads and hidden rubber temple tips for a secure fit during any activity. Bajio Cometa sunglasses are available in several frame styles and lens colors. We like the blue mirror for bright days in snowy conditions. It starts at $209 with polycarbonate lenses and $259 with glass lenses.

Fin-Nor Rum Line

Featuring integrated side shields to block out harmful rays from every angle, Fin-Nor Rum Line sunglasses provide excellent protection from sunlight in any season. Fin-Nor's Lateral Line technology keeps eyes constantly shielded with a UV-blocking layer built into the polarized sunglasses. Rubber temple tips, adjustable nose pads, and integrated spring hinges offer a secure, comfortable fit in the toughest conditions. Fin-Nor Rum Line sunglasses are available in three different frame options and four different lens colors. Our pick for winter is blue mirror. It's available in polycarbonate or glass for $199-$269.

Leupold Packout

Whether winter weather has you hunting waterfowl, bundling up at the range, or climbing snowy summits, these sunglasses from Leupold are an excellent option. The Packout features the company's In-Fuzed Polarized Technology, which fuses polarization film between two of the lens layers, providing long-lasting, scratch-resistant protection. The shatterproof lenses are also equipped with Daylight Max for performance in ultra-bright conditions and Guard-ion for shedding dirt and water. Leupold's decentered lenses ensure the clearest part is directly in front of the eyes to eliminate distortion and maximize clarity. These sunglasses boast an ANSI Z87.1+ ballistic rating so they function as shooting glasses too. We like the wrap-around blue mirror lens design with DiamondCoat for just $189.99.

Costa Rinconcito

Costa's premium 580 polarized lenses are a fine choice for winter. The lenses absorb harmful high-energy blue light. They will also enhance color, and filter out harsh yellows, Costa Rinconcito sunglasses provide excellent protection from harsh sunlight and reflective surfaces — including winter snow. They block 100% of UV light and sport a C-Wall coating that prevents scratching and repels, sweat, water, and oil. Plus, they're built with Costa's Bio-Resin for a more planet-friendly pair. Rinconcito sunglasses are available in a variety of frame and lens combinations. The blue mirror lenses are ideal for full-sun situations. They start at $193-$273. For those who prefer a little more coverage, the similar yet slightly larger Rincon is a great alternative.