3 Best Vlogging Kits of 2022 for Everyone + Fun Vlogs to Follow

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Some of y'all need to consider vlogging as a side hustle. I mean, if you're going to Snap or post tons of footage of your vacation to your Instagram story, you might as well find your niche audience (not including high school classmates and your family). With the best vlogging kit, you can capture your adventures and share them with the whole world.

Of course, you can save these memories for yourself or private social accounts, but vlogging is a fun way to create travel content for your YouTube channel, website, or TikTok account. If you've ever been interested in vlogging, consider these vlogging kits we gathered for everyone. They're car and airplane friendly, and some of these kits are perfect for carrying along walks or bike rides. A day in your life might not sound that interesting, but you'd be surprised who you might inspire.

What is Vlogging + How to Vlog

Vlogging is simply blogging, but with video content instead of written content. So instead of your followers reading about your travel adventures, they'll get to watch them!

You can start your vlogging experience by posting YouTube videos, TikToks, Instagram reels, Vimeo videos, or on your favorite social media platform. You don't need to be a filmmaker to vlog, in fact, many vloggers use their iPhones or Androids.

However, it doesn't hurt to add more gear to your vlogging kit. A small microphone, tripod, and other accessories will enhance your video quality.

Friendly Vloggers You'll Want to Follow

Van Life: Christian Schaffer

Christian describes her content as outdoor adventure, travel photography, and living on the road full-time (for over three years). Learn her secrets to long-term van life here, and even get a grasp on burnout (even when you're living the dream!).

Family Travel: The Bucket List Family

You've probably heard of them or seen them on the homepage of YouTube while going down a travel rabbit hole. The Bucket List Family is a great inspiration for anyone traveling with little ones.

From Africa to Australia to even exploring some lowkey places in the U.S., the Bucket List Family proves traveling is still fun with your children. (Definitely a fantastic channel to see how swim, ski, and more outdoor activity lessons are fun for kids.)

For Traveling With Friends

The smaller the channel is, the better (at least to me). There are lots of established travel vloggers on YouTube, but I recommend checking out new YouTubers or TikTokers instead.

They seem more authentic and just overall, more down-to-earth. Don't get me wrong, we love the vloggers who pack up and go to Spain or Ireland with their besties each weekend but watching vloggers with close-knit groups, and more chill itineraries make watching vlogs more enjoyable and soothing for some reason.

To Tighten up Photography Skills: Peter McKinnon

If you'd like to follow a vlogger who loves travel and photography, consider giving Peter McKinnon a follow. Definitely worth a YouTube subscription if you're interested in making quality video content for your social media accounts.

Editing Software for Vlogs

We love Adobe Premiere but also recommend iMovie if you have an iOS operating system. I use it on my iPhone and Mac, and it's very simple to use.

Best Kit for Smartphones & Beginners

USKEYVISION Flexible Vlogging Kit, with Flexible Tripod+Metal Microphone+Video Light 

This Amazon bestseller is a great vlogging setup for beginners. The vlogging equipment set comes with one flexible tripod, one rotating ball head, one microphone, two video lights, one smartphone clip, one windshield, one action camera adapter, and one carry bag.

There are a few reasons why we recommend this pick for beginners. Most beginners will probably begin vlogging by themselves with a smartphone. Do not worry about a DSLR camera-compatible tripod.

The tripod has flexible legs to get the best angle for your photos or videos. (Get those angles, y'all.) The flexible legs are also great for folding, meaning you'll be able to pack this in a carry-on or small bag for traveling by car, airplane, or on foot! (Hikers will love this.)

The microphone has a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone capsule for great quality audio recordings. Not only is video recording important, but so is audio. It will be hard to want to watch your vlogs if people can't hear. (Just keep in mind to caption your videos so everyone can enjoy!)

This starter kit is also excellent because it has two light options. Thankfully, you won't have to buy a ring light or fancy lighting kit. A five-star review mentioning the light: "The light is small but very bright and adds good lighting."

You can also use this all-in-one kit as a selfie stick! You truly can't beat this video kit for $60.

Best Kit for an Upgrade

DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO Universal Modular Video Rig for All Smartphones, DSLR 

Here's a setup perfect for smartphones and digital cameras. If you're not a beginner, you may have a DSLR camera by now. They're not required for vlogging, but a compact camera with excellent quality will come in handy for better image quality. This is a great pick if you're upgrading from your beginner kit.

The setup comes with one microphone, two dimmable lamps, an optics module, one hood, a zipper bag, and more.

We love this kit since the powerful light output is perfect for filming at night and can be used with a tripod. We really like this option for vloggers who want content that's pretty similar to short film quality.

Best Camera Kit Under $900 for Intermediate & Pro Vloggers

Canon EOS M50 Mark II Content Creator Kit

Here's Amazon's Choice for vlogging cameras. It's one of the best vlogging camera kits yet, the camera lets you record in 4K 24p or HD 120p video. Impressive.

Live streaming to YouTube is also an option with this camera kit. If you're into lives or podcasting, you'll love it. The built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technology are unbeatable. A mini tripod grip and remote are included, making this perfect for stabilization while you film alone.

There is an LCD touchscreen, which is honestly a must in 2022. If you're used to scrolling with your thumb all day, you'll want to operate a touchscreen camera too.

The stereo microphone will be perfect for catching the ambiance of your travel adventures. You may not catch a DP using this kit, but it's still a big step above intermediate use without paying thousands of dollars for a camera setup.

Be sure to purchase your SD card separately.

To really take vlogging to the next level, consider buying a GoPro, perfect for hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and more.

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