Archer pulls arrows out of a 3D deer archery target

Practice Archery in Your Backyard With These 5 At-Home Targets

There are pieces of gear you absolutely must have to be at the top of your game when it comes to bowhunting. One of those things is a quality bow target, especially at home when you can't get to the archery range frequently. A reliable target to sling arrows at and hone your craft is crucial if you want to improve or keep your shot in check. We will discuss some of the best archery targets you can use for your at-home training. We will look at these targets' size, construction, stopping ability, and many other features.

One thing to not overlook is price. As far as bow targets go, you get what you pay for. Skimping on the price of a target might get you a product that won't stop your arrow or deteriorates way too fast.

When considering these choices, keep in mind your use of the intended target. Take into account the distance you will be shooting, how frequently you will be using the target, and the setup of your archery equipment, especially the FPS you shoot at. These will all be important for choosing the right target for you.

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1. The Most Popular Pick for Archery Targets

Field Logic Block 6x6

The Field Logic Block 6x6 has been one of the more popular choices amongst archers in recent years. It is 18" x18" x 16", weighs 15 pounds, and can be shot on all six sides. It is made of a PolyFusion layered core that uses friction to slow down and stop arrows. This technology allows for easier removal and makes the target more durable for longevity.

Each of its six sides has a different pattern, so the shooter can change their view and practice setup on any given day to keep from getting bored with practice shooting. This target is lightweight, portable, durable, and long-lasting, all perfect characteristics for the at-home archer looking to practice more frequently. This target is recommended for compound bows and can even be used with broadheads if you so choose (but we always recommend field points for practice purposes). However, it is suggested to refrain from using high-powered crossbows with this target. For a price tag of $130 and the overall life expectancy of this target, you can't go wrong with this option.

2. The Seasoned Archer's Top Choice

Block Range Archery 48

The Block Range Archery 48 target is the best of the best for committed archers. This is a long-lasting, durable target that will live on for years and years for just about any archer. It was technically designed for pro shops and archery ranges to withstand thousands of shots a week. On the other hand, this is not the target for the casual shooter. It is not a very moveable option since it's four feet by four feet in size. This would be better for the archer using a covered area for their targets to sit under, or someone looking to set up a practice range in their garage or basement. With its large surface, you don't have to worry as much about errant shots, and you can pin paper targets to it to change the type of practice you are looking for.

This target is perfect for families or groups of archers who want to practice a lot, because it can withstand shots from broadheads and crossbows alike. It does come with a hefty price tag, at $1,100, but it will also last for a lifetime of shooting. Just be sure that this is something you will get a lot of use out of before investing that much. You won't be sorry if you are a serious archer in need of at-home training.

3. The Best Pick for Training Variety

Morrell 131 Double Duty

The Morrell 131 Double Duty is a tremendous heavy-duty target designed to withstand arrows at 450 FPS. Its 20" x" 20" x 20" dimensions make it big enough for home practice, but it weighs 36 pounds and has handles that allow it to be easily moved. This target can be shot on four sides and comes with various target pictures that make practicing much more engaging and realistic. They include five standard bullseyes, deer vitals, a dart board, and a nine-ball bullseye.

The Morrell Double Duty can handle field points from compound bows and crossbows, making it very versatile. The target's yellow covering is durable, easy to see, and actually waterproof as well, so it can hold up to the outdoor elements. When the cover targets wear out from use, you can recover this target with a replacement cover, which is better than replacing the entire target. Compared to the previous two, the downside to this target is that you cannot shoot broadheads at it. Overall this is a solid target to use, and the ability to replace the cover increases the usability of the target over an extended period. At $85, this would be the perfect target for those who shoot casually and need the ability to move or store their target when not actively shooting.

4. The Grab-and-Move Target Choice

Morrell Yellow Jacket

Another Morrell target on the list, the Yellow Jacket, is similar to its big brother in the 131 Double Duty. The difference is that the Yellow Jacket is a bit smaller, lighter, and only has two shootable sides instead of four. At 20" wide, 20" tall, 15" deep, and weighing only 32 pounds, the Yellow Jacket is slightly thinner and lighter than the Double Duty. The shooting sides have bullseye targets on them in different patterns that allow for the longevity of the target.

This target is strong, durable, and weather-resistant. It can take 425 FPS arrows from both compound bows and crossbows. Due to the material of the cover, it is not safe for broadheads. The Yellow Jacket is an excellent target for shooting at home and can accept thousands of shots from many different angles. The best part? It only costs $65.

5. The Most Realistic Pick for Deer Hunters

GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck

For those archers who are really into deer hunting, having a 3D target to practice with might be one of the most significant investments you can make for all-around at-home exercise. If that's you, I highly recommend that you get the GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck. This 3D target is the same size as a 250-pound buck you might encounter in the field, placing it among the most life-like targets you could practice with.

It has a highly durable insert where the vitals of a deer are located that should allow you to practice from any angle you might encounter while actually hunting in the field. The insert is also replaceable, so when it wears out, you only have to replace that portion and not the entire target. The insert is also self-healing and should last multiple seasons depending on how often you practice on it. With a price point of about $240, it is a bit more expensive than others, but worth it for the real-life application of practice. This would make a great addition to any backyard archery range. On the downside, this target is only built for taking field points from standard and compound bows, so you'll have to swap out your broadheads before using it.

These five targets would significantly add to any at-home practice range or setup. The biggest thing is finding which target fits your needs and budget the best. We gave you every type of target at every price range for every kind of archer. Be sure to pick the one that satisfies all your needs and wants for your at-home archery practice.