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12 of the Best Spinnerbaits on the Market Today

There's no doubt that these are some of the best spinnerbaits ever made.

If you've been fishing long enough then you'll know that one of the best fish finding baits ever made is the spinnerbait, bar none. If you're new to a body of water or just want to find out what the fish are thinking in your favorite lake, throw one of these fishing lures just to see what's going on. If you ever get the chance to talk to a bass fishing pro, they will likely tell you the same thing.

There are some that have stood the test of time, and still others that have come along and caught our eye more recently. These minnow and shiner-mimicking lures have long since found a place right on the top shelf of our tackle boxes and will most likely never take a seat behind any other bait.

Spinnerbait designs have come and gone, but their usefulness is a thing that we cannot deny. Whether we are fishing for bass, northern pike, muskellunge, crappie, or anything else that swims, we've discovered that the spinnerbait is here to stay and for good reason.

Why We Love Them

We sometimes pause here to describe a piece of gear - what it is and what it does - just as a precursor to discussing it, but in this case there is almost no need. Spinnerbaits may mimic baitfish to our favorite gamefish or they may simply just get their attention, but the fact is that they almost always garner a strike or two whatever the conditions may be.

However, for the beginners, the reason why fishing spinnerbaits can be so effective is in the design. The blades provide flash and vibration that stimulates the lateral line of the fish. The intensity of said vibrations can be adjusted by switching to a different blade style. Then there's the visual stimulation that comes from the hair or rubber skirt. The skirts add color to simulate a baitfish and add a tantalizing pulsing action to the lure that's hard for predatory fish to ignore. As an added bonus, they are easy to fish and versatile. Simply vary your retrieve speed to change up the presentation and coax strikes from stubborn fish.

Sure, we don't throw them at some species such as catfish. However, spinnerbaits work on just about any species and we're willing to bet that if you ask enough catfishermen if they have ever caught one on a spinnerbait, the answer will be a resounding yes.

Spinnerbaits seem to work at times when nothing else will, and at other times get so twisted, bent, and torn to pieces from all the strikes that it's scary. We slow roll them on spinning gear and rip them through the thickest cover on casting gear, but the one thing that we never do is walk out of the tackle shop without a new one! With that out of the way, let's look at some of the different types of spinnerbait on the market today. All of these lures are sure to become your go-to when all else fails.

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Mepps Aglia Dressed


The Mepps Aglia comes in the Black Fury, marabou, muskie killer, giant killer, flashabou, and standard dressed versions.

Rooster Tail

Worden's original Rooster Tail has been around since the 1950's and it's still going strong thanks to the Yakima Bait Company. There are 10 different sizes and hundreds of color patterns to choose from.

Blue Fox Vibrax

The legendary Vibrax spinnerbait has been catching fish since its introduction and hasn't stopped yet.

Tail Spinners

For me, it all started with the original Mann's Little George and went from there. Now, tail spinners seem to be making a big comeback in fishing circles, even on the pro circuit.

Panther Martin

Another in a long line of inline spinnerbaits, the Panther Martin has held its own place with dignity since its inception in 1958.

Beetle Spin

Some say that it was Virgil Ward who invented the beetle spin, and still others credit Chuck Wood, but whoever you prefer, this diminutive spinnerbait has been filling buckets with crappie and other gamefish for many, many years.

Live Bait Spinner

These can be purchased or self-made in so many different ways it's hard to choose. They generally come with an extended harness along with single or multiple rotating spinner blades, colored beads, and usually a single or double hook system.

The Bush Hog

There are multiple monikers for maybe the most famous and revered of all the spinnerbaits such as overhead arm spinner, safety pin spinner, and my personal favorite: the bush hog, but whatever you call it this style of spinnerbait has so many styles, colors, sizes, and blade options that you wont be able to decide.

So you're just going to have to buy them all!

Today's Choices

While the spinnerbaits of today readily imitate the spinnerbaits of yesterday, they are made from today's materials and designed with today's paints to make them last for many years of angling pleasure.

BOOYAH Pond Magic

A great budget spinner that comes in so many color patterns and blade styles that you'll have to scoop up more than one.

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait

Depending on the size and the style, these will run you a little more than other models, but the results speak for themselves.

Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits

Starting at about $8 the Terminator series of spinnerbaits will last a lifetime if you don't break them off. This one features double willow blades. However, they also make a variant with Colorado blades.

War Eagle Night Baits



Featuring a large Colorado blade, this bait is ideal for night fishing.

Never Enough Spinnerbaits

As an lifelong angler, I can certainly attest to the fact that all the jokes and memes about "he who dies with the most fishing gear wins" are due to the fact that we would rather be looking at a pile of fishing tackle than looking for it.

It's true enough that we often find a pattern and stick with it while the rest of the baits, scents, and terminal tackle gets dusty, but it's also due to the fact that we found it, kept it, and used it to be successful.

Part of staying successful involves keeping a good stock of spinnerbaits on hand to match what the fish are feeding on from shad to bluegills. Trust us, these are great baits to have on hand when the going gets tough.

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