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These Pre-Packed Bug-Out Bags Will Help You Survive an Emergency

If you don't want to pack your own, these ready-made emergency kits are a good starting point.

Most experts agree that using survival skills to get through the first 72 hours of a disaster is paramount to remaining alive in the long term. Having a pre-packed bug-out bag waiting in your home is the best starting point. Still, not everyone wants to take the time and money to gather all of the necessary survival supplies themselves. That's when a good pre-packed survival kit can give you a huge head start in the process, all the while leaving room to add anything else you'll need at the moment you need it.

The best bug-out bags, or complete survival kits, should be portable, storage-friendly, and provide basic lifesaving tools. These four pre-packed bug-out bags filtthe bill.

Best Overall

Stealth Angel Survival bug-out bag.

Stealth Angel Survival

Top Pick: Stealth Angel Survival 4 Person

This system comes with two fully loaded bug-out bags at an on-sale price under $200 that falls well below its competitors. When you consider all that this kit comes with—food, water, light and communication, tools, first aid, shelter, and hygiene products—you won't find a comparable kit that offers so much.


  • Emergency shelter, blankets, and body warmers for four people.
  • Includes lighting and communication accessories.


  • Included food and water products need to be replaced at the five-year mark.

Stealth Angel Survival 4-Person Emergency Kit — $179

Best No-Food Bug-Out Bag

Sirius Survival bug-out bag.

Sirius Survival

Top Pick: Sirius Survival Pre-Packed

This bag from Sirius Survival is reasonably priced when you consider that it gives the user time and space to upgrade to something even longer-lasting. True, it's smaller than some, but having something of this proportion is better than trying to fill your pockets when an emergency happens suddenly. This kit starts out well in the genre of bags that can keep a pair of people going long enough to stay safe and survive a few nights on the trail. Once a user adds some sustenance to it, it will do well as a fully loaded bag.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Plenty of space to update with food items.


  • Meant for shorter emergencies.

Sirius Survival Pre-Packed Survival Backpack - $130


Best Budget Bag

Blue Coolers pre-packed bug out bag.

Blue Coolers

Top Pick: Blue Coolers Blue 72

Considering that tornados, wildfires, and power outages often come without warning, having a basic pre-packed bug-out bag stashed in your car is not a bad idea. They're great for the home, apartment, boat, or even in the corner at your office. As there is plenty of leftover space in this bag, additional food can be added along with water or water treatment tablets.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight, and great for apartment living.


  • Only six vacuum-packed food bars.

Blue Coolers Blue 72 - $49.99


Best Premium Bug-Out Bag

Denver Survival premium bug-out bag.

Denver Survival

Top Pick: Denver Survival 5-Day

A five-day bug-out bag with multiple shelters and food to survive a nightmare. This is the go-to kit for those seeking to be prepared for anything, and it's a great look at what a bug-out bag should really strive for. There are too many features to list here, but some of the best include to tents, a radio power bank, a solar charger, walkie-talkies, survival straws, a zero-degree sleeping bag, and enough food and water for a five-day survival journey with no warning. and much more. This is an item for the serious prepper.


  • Said to be a complete military specification upgrade kit.


  • High price.
  • The 35-pound weight of the bag could be too heavy for some.

Denver Survival 5-Day Bug Out Bag — $849

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