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Megan Plete Postol

The Best New Hunting and Fishing Gear from The Great American Outdoors Show

Broadheads, AI apps, seasonings, and holsters are on the menu.

The world's largest outdoor show prompts brands to bring the bling.

A walk around the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, reveals various innovative and interesting products. There are this year's release of all sorts of hunting gadgets, the newest line of firearms, the most popular fishing lures, the quirkiest hats and hoodies, and the time-tested classics. Booth after booth is adorned with shiny displays showcasing the very best of what their brand has to offer. We rounded up the top four products that caught our attention this year. Maybe they'll be in your cart soon enough.

Annihilator Broadheads 

Great Outdoors show gear

Megan Plete Postol

Bowhunters know that a broadhead is not simply a broadhead. It is the equipment that delivers the quickest, most ethical end for the game animal. It's the single most crucial tool of the hunt. It must perform well in the moment. If it doesn't penetrate sharply and swiftly, the game could suffer, or the blood trail could be difficult to follow. For broadheads, quality, design, materials, and workmanship matter. The broadheads in the Annihilator Broadheads lineup are small but mighty, with a simple but effective design and durable material. 

The broadheads in the Annihilator series have a three-way cute design that induces pressure changes inside an animal's cavity, creates non-closing wound channels, and reduce friction on the arrow shaft or bolt. 

The KATANA 2 BLADE by Annihilator Broadheads won second place in the 2024 Archery Trade Association New Product category. This blade is a whisper-quiet, field point accurate, bone-crushing, extremely sharp, insanely lethal broadhead that does not need rotational forces to open wound channels or bone like a normal two-blade broadhead. 

100-Grain Annihilator Broadheads — $100

Spartan Forge app

Great outdoors show gear - spartan app

Megan Plete Postol

Spartan Forge is an extremely useful tool for scouting an area electronically. Designed with the military premise "Find, Fix, Finish," in mind, the product is intended to harness the usefulness of technology to help hunters scout, plan, and execute successful hunts. 

An interactive demonstration from the guys working the Spartan Forge booth revealed the vast capabilities of the app, including three separate satellite view options,3D maps, slope angle tool, exaggerated contours, downloadable maps, LIDAR, and split screen. 

Spartan Forge app — from $60

Sticky Holsters

Great Outdoors show - sticky holsters

Megan Plete Postol

Sticky Holsters is a no-fuss pistol holster that operates on the premise of comfort and reliability. There are no clips or loops on a Sticky Holster. It connects to the body via adhesion. What makes this holster stand out from competitors is the super grippy, yet flexible, outer material that adheres to whatever it is pressed against. This creates a firm grip that keeps the pistol in place. The holsters can be worn in the waistband, in the pocket, or in ankle rigs.

In the pocket, for example, the outer layer grabs against the inside of the pocket while the pistol can be pulled out smoothly. All while still holding the pistol in place otherwise, because the Sticky Holster's inner material conforms to the shape of particular gun, making a custom fit.

Sticky Holsters — from $31


HUNTCHEF Seasonings 

great outdoors show hunched

Megan Plete Postol

Hunting influencer Jeremy Critchfield combined a love of wild game and the outdoors with his earned experience working his way through kitchens, from pizza joints to 5-star luxury resorts. His collection of seasonings is tailored towards making wild-harvested game taste amazing. With names such as All Dusted Up, Big Sexy Beast Rub, Canadian Carnivore, Low Down and Dirty Rub, his vibe is big on fun and flavor. His booth at the Great American Outdoor Show had a huge display of spices, rubs, flavorings, and even delicious homemade pickles. 

HuntChef Seasonings — from $10

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