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The 5 Best Heated Jackets for Comfort & Warmth

You know the feeling of putting on a jacket or a sweatshirt that just came out of the dryer? Well, you can experience that for an entire evening outdoors with a heated jacket: they're a brilliant type of outdoor apparel that comes equipped with a battery-powered heating device to keep your body warmer for longer. If you're someone who has to stay outside for hours at a time in the fall or winter (especially when you're doing an activity like hunting, where you might have to stay still or in the same spot for an extended period of time), you can't go wrong with these heat-producing jackets. The battery is removable and rechargeable (meaning you can wash and clean them like regular jackets), and they typically have a few adjustable heat settings — so you can choose to preserve the battery for a longer run time or get as cozy as you can on a high setting. The best heated jackets will come in handy for all cold-weather outdoor adventures, so we've rounded our favorites up below.

Best Heated Jackets of 2023

The Best Heated Jacket for Men

Top Pick: ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket ($160)

ORORO's heated coat is a fantastic soft shell option, and our top pick. The $160 jacket features three carbon fiber heating elements to generate heat across your chest and mid-back. You can charge it it with a USB port (just as you'd charge your phone), and with a full charge, there's a battery life of 10 hours. ORORO says the power source and jacket are TSA-friendly, so this is a great pick if you plan on traveling for outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Since it's water-resistant, wind-resistant, and has a detachable hood, it'll make for the perfect winter sports jacket. The outer shell is breathable, so even on the highest temperature setting, you won't feel stuffy or uncomfortable. It's also machine-washable, and it can endure up to 50 machine wash cycles before wear begins to show.

ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket - $160

The Best Heated Jacket for Women

Top Pick: ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket ($160)

Here's a slim-fit women's version of the ORORO jacket above. The jacket has three heating levels and provides up to 10 hours of heat on a full charge. Feel free to use the USB charging port to charge phones and other compatible devices, too. I love that these jackets also use fleece lining, meaning even if you have this on a low setting, you won't lose any excess heat. The durability of this jacket is top-notch, too.

ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket - $160

The Best Heated Jacket for Outdoor Work

If DeWalt is your go-to brand for power tools, you'll be drawn to this high-quality jacket. Similar to the option above, this jacket also has a soft-shell outer layer and has three heating zones. You'll control the heating settings with the LED controller, and the battery pocket is compatible with 20-volt lithium-ion batteries, which improves run time by up to 25%. This jacket includes a power source, the battery, and a charger — and it even has a setting to preheat, so you don't have to wait to warm up. One review writes: "Used and abused this jacket working in construction in single digits and lower teens many many times. Keeps the water out, and keeps the heat in."

DEWALT Heated Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket - $147

The Best Heated Tough Shell Jacket

Top Pick: Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12 ($199)

Milwaukee's jacket also has three heat levels and three heat zones. It's compatible with all M12 REDLITHIUM batteries and all M18 REDLITHIUM batteries. Their heavy-duty jacket is a bit pricey compared to the others but you're paying for quality. The chest and back zone can be adjusted independently of the front hand pocket zone. The ToughShell Stretch Polyester delivers five times the charge no matter the weather — and it's wind-proof and water-resistant, too. And yes, you can put this game-changing jacket in the washer and dryer. You'll stay warm and toasty with eight hours of runtime.

Milwaukee M12 Jacket Kit - $199

The Best Jacket With Hand Warmers

PTAHDUS Women's Heated Jacket  ($150)

There are five heating zones with this jacket, as well as a hand warmer setting, which we think is brilliant. Yep, the hand warmer might be worth the purchase alone, but this jacket can last up to eight hours on the lowest setting. Since it's water-repellant, it's a great pick for the elements. Be sure that you're buying compatible rechargeable batteries if you lose the power source. It also is machine-washable. One reviewer writes: "Well made, well thought out, comes with a wonderful battery that lasts me 8 hours on highest heat setting, and MACHINE FREAKING WASHABLE. I washed it and it came out good as new!"

PTAHDUS Women's Heated Jacket  - $150


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This post was originally published in December 2021.