Best Frog Lures for Bass
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5 Best Frog Lures for Bass Fishing

Like so many other artificial baits, the frog lure has found a place in our hearts and minds, and a lot of real estate in our tackle boxes.

So many brand name lure manufacturers make a version of this esteemed bait because they work, and therefore they will sell. Create one that stands out above the others, and those companies had better make a lot of them, because bass anglers nationwide will be clamoring to get their hands on one. Bass fishermen are like no other creature when it comes to outdoor sporting and recreation: give us something that works and we'll give you a good name like no other.

We've gathered together some of our favorites, all solid options you'll want to keep in your tackle box at all times. Frog lures are one of the staples of any bass fisherman's arsenal, and for good reason. But first, a quick explainer of the different types of frog lures.

Types of Topwater Frog Lures

Almost all topwater frog lures are hollow body frog lures, but some have a more solid, or even completely solid structure. It really depends on the manufacturer, and some will work better for some scenarios than others. Walking frogs, popping frogs, and plopping frogs are among the most common varieties with plopping frogs being some of the most recently designed lures. Classic walking frog hollow body baits are what most of us started with and seem to always come back to. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles to appease the most ardent bass fisherman.

Popping frogs can be hollow body lures that spit water and shed weeds to create surface action. There are some that are soft plastic baits that do not snag easily. And they cause eye-popping blow ups and mind boggling hooksets that other soft body baits just don't provide. Popping frogs can also be solid body lures like the Hula Popper or even the Jitterbug- all frog imitations that have stood the test of time.

Meanwhile, plopping frogs are a little bit more of both since the legs on some versions actually spin in place to create a lot of splash and noise on the surface of the water. Some varieties have molded feet and legs that work to entice bass via their motion as well as by the action they create.

BOOYAH Poppin' Pad Crasher

This lively bait finds a way to hop onto most of these same lists as one that not only looks the part, but works well too. Comes in at least eight different patterns for the discerning bass angler's eye and fools smallmouth and largemouth bass right up to the point where they eat it.

Lunkerhunt Prop Frog


The prop-style feet of this frog lure create a churn and gurgle that's irresistible to bass, the kind of monstrous disturbance veteran anglers know does the trick.

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

With seven patterns including the white with black spots design, the Livetarget gets into the areas where bass live and under their skin for smashing strikes.

Strike King KVD Sexy Frog

The name of this one is hilarious, but there's no doubt it works great in the thickest of slop. Six different color patterns with the top seller being the tiger style. The best part might be the extra strong double hook design and the easily collapsible hollow body for better hookups.

Scum Frog Bigfoot

Molded, paddled feet and legs provide a great action when pulled through the grass and lily pads. Makes a lot more gurgling noise than some of the others and comes in eight great color patterns.

Different Colors

Not only do they comes in many colors, but with different weedless features, hooks, and even skirts that give them a more lifelike appearance. There is certainly a good reason why most of the original frog lures came in a mainly green body with a white belly because that's what a real frog looks like!

It came to pass, however, that sometimes a color or pattern different from the original was found to have a profound effect on bass. While the natural colors of green, white, and a bit of yellow are what bass see when they try to eat the real thing, it wasn't long before we all realized that  a black bait on the surface of the water stuck out well against the sky.

Even at that, making a frog lure in an all white pattern can be useful when the sky is overcast or if you know that bass are actively feeding on the lighter colored shad.

The Bottom Line

For this of us who have spent a lifetime chasing the venerable black bass, (or any bass for that matter) we have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at them in an effort to induce strikes. One of the first best offerings that we can use under any circumstances is anything that mimics their real prey, under any conditions.

One of the first and foremost factors in catching any fish is understanding what makes them strike: motion, scent, and color.

Frog fishing is one of the tried and true methods for getting bass to cooperate and it has been since the first time that we ever saw one attack some unfortunate creature on the surface. Fishing lures will come and go, but the topwater frog bait may never be duplicated as a heavy cover offering.

These soft plastic baits do not snag easily, they cause eye-popping blow ups and mind boggling hooksets that other soft body baits just don't provide, and they do it right where you can watch the entire thing.

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