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The 5 Best Fishing Rods for Kids

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There are few things better in life than sharing your passions with your kids. Fortunately, if you're a fisherman, there's a good chance your kids will be ready to get out there with you as soon as they can. Not only is fishing a fun, relaxing activity you can enjoy together, but it'll help teach the importance of patience and persistence.  While you want a fishing pole for your child that'll work well, you also want to make sure that it's lightweight and easy to use so that they can learn the basics without getting frustrated.

There's no reason to spend a ton on a pole for a young beginner, and you can easily find one that'll function well while fitting a lean budget. These fishing poles make great gifts for birthdays and holidays, so even if fishing isn't on your radar anytime soon, you'll have an idea of what type of rod to gift your young angler.

So, to help turn your children into anglers, we found some of the best fishing poles made for kids. Each one is well-reviewed and wallet-friendly, so get ready to start planning your next family fishing trip. 

1. Best Bundle

Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box - Amazon, $33.96

If you want to hook your kid up with everything they could possibly need, this starter kit will do the trick. The bundle comes with a 65-inch rod, a beginner's fishing guide, and a tackle box loaded with lures, bobbers, hooks, and more. The rod is reversible, so your child can decide if they prefer to reel lefty or righty, and the reel comes with 200 feet of line. And, when the day of fishing is done, the rod collapses down for easy storage. 

2. Best for Toddlers

Zebco Splash Kids Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo - Amazon, $14.99

If you're unsure if your kid even wants to fish, or if you just want to keep things simple and affordable, this Zebco rod is the perfect entry-level choice. It comes in blue or pink, and the no-tangle, push button mechanics are great for novices. It's also super light (it floats), and at 29 inches, it's an appropriate size for your toddler. 

3. Best for Teens

Ugly Stik GX2 Youth Rod and Reel Spinning Combo - Bass Pro Shops, $39.95

When your teen has outgrown their little kid rod and is ready to upgrade, this youth rod by Ugly Stik is the perfect middle ground. It's still light and simple enough for younger people, but it's otherwise pretty comparable to the rod they'll use as an adult. The rod is made of reinforced graphite, plus a cold-forged aluminum spool. 

In the words of one recent 5-star review: "This is the first "Big Boy" rod and reel for my oldest son. He was so excited to try it out and got the hang of it quickly. Now he's asking when we are going fishing and if we are getting up early again to go fishing. He is hooked!"

4. Another Bundle for Beginners

Kid Casters Spincast Combo Tackle Back Pack - Bass Pro Shops, $29.99

Taking it back to young kids who are just getting started, this Kid Casters bundle will help your little ones get off to a good start. The tangle-free rod allows kids to focus on fishing rather than troubleshooting, and the fun, lightweight design is ideal for kids who are just getting into the sport. The bundle comes with a backpack, tackle box, and two safety hooks, along with the rod and reel. 

5. Best Overall

Zebco Slingshot Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo - Walmart, $9.98

This rod from Zebco is the perfect middle ground for a growing child who needs a full-sized fishing pole, but it's quite ready to handle an adult reel. The two-piece rod extends to 5'6, but it still comes with Zebco's easy-to-use, no-tangle push button reel. The durable handle can easily hold up for full days of casting, and the included 10-pound line is ideal for catching medium-sized fish.