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6 of the Best Fire Pits For The Campground Or Your Backyard

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Nothing says summertime quite like sitting around a roaring fire in your backyard or at the campsite. Whether you're roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, singing campfire songs, or just chatting over a few drinks, there's a certain undeniable element that a fire pit adds to any get-together. Fire pits have become an increasingly common backyard staple, so as you can imagine, there are a ton of different ones to choose from — and they aren't all created equal. You can opt for a classic wood-burning pit, or crank things up with a propane-powered option you can easily take to any campsite. But no matter how you choose to get your fire started, you want to make sure that your pit is reliable, durable, and big enough for however you plan to use it. 

We sifted through reviews and sourced some staff recommendations to find the best fire pits available online. From basic value-packed pits to high-end, smokeless options, you can find the perfect atmosphere-setting piece for your yard within our top picks. Take a look at our favorites below:

1. This Wood-Free, Propane Fire Pit


Outland Living Firebowl - Cabela's, $159.99

If you love the idea of a fire pit but could do without all the firewood and ensuing ash, this pit provides an easy, realistic alternative. It's powered by propane and comes with lava rocks to give the ambience you're looking for — minus the mess, of course. The Firebowl is also compact and portable, so it can live in your backyard or easily join you wherever you want to sit back and enjoy a night outside. In the words of one reviewer, "Start it and you have instant fire. No waiting for the fire to get big enough, no waiting for the fire to die out when done or mess of extinguishing with water, no ashes to dispose of, no smokey smelling clothes." There's an adjustable flame and heat output, too.

2. A Great Option to Take On A Camping Trip

Camping World

Camco Portable Propane Little Red Campfire - Camping World, $209.99

After a long day of hiking, trying to build a fire from scratch at the campsite might not be the first thing you feel like doing. But with this portable option from Camco, you can easily get the same effect without all the time-consuming effort. The Little Red Campfire comes with realistic-looking "logs," but it's completely powered by propane, so no need to gather kindling or worry about ash. At 15 pounds, it's fairly light and easily portable, making this a great option for campers, tailgaters, and beach-goers alike. 

3. An Upgraded Luxury Fire Pit That Produces Very Little Smoke


Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit and Stand - Amazon, $299.99

It's hard to go wrong with a Solo Stove Fire Pit. Every inch of this fire pit is designed to optimize your experience when using it: From the 360 Airflow Design that minimizes smoke to the precision baseplate that helps your fire burn evenly and eliminate ash, the Solo Stove might make it tough to go back to a traditional fire pit, especially because you can use it anywhere from the campground to your patio. At 20 pounds, it's easy to transport, and comes with a removable ash plate to make clean-up easy. Our executive commerce editor swears by the Solo Stove, writing: "Everyone who sees my Solo Stove wants one after I use it in front of them once. It's lightweight, sleek, and really easy to use. Best of all, it doesn't produce a ton of smoke, so your clothes don't smell all night."

4. The Best Fire Pit for Cooking


BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit - Amazon, $159.81

If your main motivation in getting a fire going is to get some food roasting above it, you'll want to check out this wood-burning pit from Bali Outdoors. The grill is adjustable and removable, so it's a great pit whether you're cooking or not, and the steel construction features an outlet ledge to help put some distance between you and the heat. It's both a great-looking and well-made fire pit, and according to one five-star reviewer, they "Needed more stars to accurately rate this fire pit."

5. An Affordable, Versatile Option for Your Patio


Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit - Amazon, $91.99

A great fire pit doesn't have to cost a fortune, and you can get this budget-friendly, rustic-looking option from Pleasant Hearth for under $100. The wood-burning pit is 26-inches wide, long, and deep — giving you plenty of room to build up a blaze, and the mesh cover keeps rogue sparks from flying everywhere. Plus, the built-in circular system makes it easy to build and maintain your flames, which you can use to grill your dinner with the included chrome-plated cooking grid. One note: this one is probably best for a backyard, as you can only use it on stone, rock, or concrete surfaces.

6. A Modern, Gas-Powered Beauty


Best Choice Products Gas Fire Pit Table - Amazon, $199.99

Another wood-free selection, this gas-powered modern fire pit from Best Choice Products will look great on a roof deck or patio. The durable wicker base is topped with a great-looking faux wood cover, and you can fit a 20-pound propane tank inside. The pit is capable of a 50,000 BTU output, and the flames flicker alongside some classy, clear glass rocks. Thanks to all these features, this one of the best-rated fire pits on Amazon, with a 4.6-star average (out of 5) on nearly 2,000 reviews. 

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