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The 7 Best Dog Harnesses for Every Type of Pet

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Taking your dog out for a walk can be such a production — from smelling everything in sight (which can mean plants or garbage) to encountering other dogs who may or may not be friendly, you have to make sure you are alert and prepared to keep your dog out of trouble. That's why you need the best dog harness for you and your pet: a pick that provides comfort while still allowing you to control your dog adequately. Traditional dog collars can make walking your pet on a leash uncomfortable, and can sometimes even tug or pull at their neck, which can even damage their trachea or larynx, especially if they unexpectedly run out. A harness is also a more secure option than a collar, and will ensure that your dog won't get loose while you're walking them around. We like using a harnesses for dogs when letting them out on a leash, and recommend them for any dog owner.

There are plenty of things you should look for in a good dog harness: it should be durable and breathable, it should fit securely around their chest, and it should provide security without discomfort. We narrowed down the options to help you find the best dog harness for you. Check out our picks below:

1. Our Top Pick

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness - Amazon, $12.99

If you're unsure about the type of harness you should buy even after reading this list, then just go ahead and add this Voyager option to your cart. It's the best dog harness for many types of dogs, so it's a pretty safe bet it'll work well for you as well. I've used this option for years on my own pets, and there's so many reasons why. For starters, it's easy to put on: the step-in harness is quick and painless to strap your dog into — even if they're nervous around harnesses or clicking — and the Velcro stays good for a long time (i've only had to replace mine after four or so years of use). The breathable mesh is soft, comfortable, good for all seasons, and easy to air dry — to wash this, I just use some soap over the sink, let it dry overnight, and it's like new in the morning. I also love the bright colors these come in, as it's easy to spot my dog from anywhere. It doesn't choke or irritate, and the D-rings are sturdy and keep your dog secure. Make sure to measure your dog and get the right size: since this isn't the most adjustable harness, you'll only have an inch or two of give. From pullers to skittish dogs, this is a great, durable option.

2. Our Top Pick for Puppies

Puppia RiteFit Harness - Amazon, $14.99

This Puppia RiteFit Harness is similar to the Voyager option, with one key difference that makes it perfect for your new puppy: it has an adjustable neck that grows with your dog. It's made with a comfortable and breathable mesh, and adjusting the neck is easy to do when your dog is wearing it, so you can customize the best fit every time. This is offered in sizes S to XL, and is perfect for growing puppies.

3. Our Pick for Dogs That Pull

rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness - Amazon, $26.99

Most harnesses are great for dogs that pull, but this one stands out because it actually teaches your dog to unlearn that bad habit. There are two clips on this rabbitgoo harness: the standard one on the top, and then one in the front. Clip your leash to the front, and every time your dog pulls, it will turn him around (doing exactly the opposite of what he wants!). After a while, your dog won't pull anymore. There's also a small handle on the top of the harness, so you can grab it if you need to control your pet and keep him close to you — which is good for jumpers. Additionally, this is a soft and breathable harness with reflective straps and comes in sizes small through extra-large.

4. The Best Dog Harness That's Adjustable

PetSafe 3-in-1 Dog Harness - Amazon, $29.99

This simple harness has five points you can adjust, making this a must-have for the dog you can never find that perfect fit for. It also has tags you can use to mark the correct measurements for their chest, girth, and shoulders. It also has a seatbelt loop for car rides, reflective nylon to help you see them at night, and a top handle for extra support.

5. Our Pick for a Reflective Dog Harness

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness - Amazon, $24.99

This is the best dog harness for those night walks — it has two thick, ultra-reflective strips that will ensure visibility even in the dark. It also has a front clip for training your dog not to pull, a top clip, and a handle, but we love this one because of its high quality reflectors. One reviewer writes: "I'm REALLY happy with the reflective stitching for walking at night. It works amazingly well. I was afraid it would be stuck-on stuff that would peel off with use, but it's actual heavy-duty reflective fibers woven right into the body of the harness."

6. A Great Heavy-Duty Option

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness - Amazon, $24.99

This tactical dog harness is a great pick if you're looking for something that can withstand the elements. Whether you take your dog out for outdoor adventures or are training your pet to guard your family, this heavy vest is made of thick nylon to handle anything and everything, but is still comfortable and breathable. It has four adjustable straps, a top handle, and two leash attachment points. Another feature we love for long days outside: it has two Molle strips that you can use to attach light gear like a silicone dog bowl or poop bags. A lot of reviewers say this is great if your dog is not good with other dogs and tries to bark or lunge at them — the top handle offers great control.

7. The Best Dog Harness for Warm Weather

Voyager Plush Dog Harness - Amazon, $12.30

This harness has all of the things we love about the Voyager Step-In Dog Harness (our top pick!), but it's made with a plush lining and a fabric outer coating instead of a mesh one. This makes it the best pick for dogs who get cold easily on walks, or for colder climates. This one is also equipped with the Velcro, the clip-on D ring at the top, and a secure fastener.

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