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8 Best Camping Apps Worth Downloading Right Now

Here are some of the best camping apps for those who would plan to sleep under the stars.

Whether you are planning to do some free camping, tent camping, car camping, or some serious glamping, it's time you tried one of these camping apps. When you are ready to hit the road for an outdoor adventure, you're not going to want to find out that the best spot in the campground is already taken. Fortunately, any of these can help with that.

Camping trip planner apps can help you find pet friendly sites, RV sites, and even rest stops along the way to alleviate the pressure in the car. Even hikers and boondocking enthusiasts can make use of these free apps to find state parks and national forests where the camping crowd can find a sweet night under the stars.

With the night sky beckoning, let's take a look at a few that have stood the test of time and continue to give great real-time information to outdoorsmen and women across the land.

Why a Camping App?

With some 40,000 or more campgrounds across the contiguous U.S. and over 500,000 campsites, you are going to find that it can be a daunting task to keep ahead of it all. But the best part is that these application producers have done all of that for you.

With countless resources out there and folks already out on the road, it stands to reason that it can be of great use to have more than one option at the ready. If it should happen that you're getting into a campground a little late or on the weekend, you can still connect with your phone in your hand to find campsite information, booking procedures, and even reviews.


This is a free app for iOS only that services federal campgrounds. Coverage features many popular national park, national forest, and other federal campgrounds and shows activities in the area like fishing or hiking trails under most listings.

It does not list any reviews, but it does allow for bookings to be made on the app.

Reserve America

Available for iOS and Android, in you can search for camping spots by location, available dates, and tracking details. While you can book a site right on the app, it doesn't feature user reviews so camper beware.

It has service for state-operated camping in 32 states including a handful of private campgrounds from KOA and Good Sam.


camping app

Craig Raleigh

Hipcamp is the app that focuses on private landowner-operated campgrounds. Hipcamp features campsites that are a mix of backcountry stopping points and even hotel sheltering that will keep you safe, dry, and happy. It also inlcudes features for find RV parks and even cabin rentals.

This app is on the iOS and Android platform and is considered to be the Air BnB of the camping apps.


For iOS only, Tentrr offers over 700 ready-to-go glamping setups located mostly on private lands in which the user can book sites right on the app. It is meant to be a more high-end service since many of the sites offer services like saunas, massages, and even breakfast in bed. We gave this service a try last year. You can read about our experience with it at Michigan's Highland Recreation Area here

Both the website and app offer information on sleeping options, amenities offered, and accessibility to nearby attractions.

The Dyrt

Probably the number one camping app by popularity and review, The Dyrt offers it all: campsite locations, booking options, and most importantly, reviews. Interestingly, The Dyrt users can sign up to compete in camping contests, where online reviews can lead to prizes and discounts for outdoor brands.

The Dyrt is replete with the most campground photos, videos, and reviews of any camping app out there.


According to the app, the user can book a camping trip on the go and at the last minute for your getaway. Perfect for families and car camping enthusiasts, Campspot will let you browse over 100,000 campsites right at your fingertips.


For finding public campgrounds, RV parks, and even off the grid boondocking, FreeRoam has it all. It even offers to help you find locations by cell signal, weather reports, and how crowded a site may be.

With tons of reviews on public and private campsites, this app will even help RV enthusiasts find overnight parking, (such as at any Walmart) offers both online and video review of campsites, and has tons of photos of your planned destination.

Further Thoughts

Honorable mention to REI Co-op National Parks Guide, AllStays, Campendium, and Boondocking. These are all free apps that are all iOS ready, but only REI is available for Android. Where some of these apps can help you find hookups, others will show you how to find Wifi. Others are useful for showing dump stations for RVers. All will create a much easier road trip experience for you.

?As you proceed to the app store to find each of these, you will find their reviews located therein. Users have come a long way in their search for the best sites available and they are ready to share their thoughts and concerns with us all.

Getting out on the road with your family and your tent has never been easier, no it's just a matter of planning your camping trip right from your phone.

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