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The 4 Best Box Blinds

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There are plenty of concealment strategies you can employ throughout the entire hunting season, but perhaps none are as luxurious for being out in the field as the shed-like structure of a box blind. A box blind is a semi-permanent (or permanent) setup that allows for incredibly high levels of concealment compared to a tree stand or a pop-up blind. Depending on the size, box blinds can provide plenty of space and storage for you and your gear, along with allowing more freedom of movement inside the concealed structure while staying undetected by game. 

Since these are made for hunting in one place, you do lose the flexibility of moving towards more promising areas, which means choosing your location is critical for success. One of the most popular spots to set up your box blind is near a food source, either a food plot or near larger agricultural spaces. 

1. Our Editor-In-Chief's Pick

Booner 4-Panel Gunner Hunting Blind - Amazon, $699.00

Our editor-in-chief Eric recommends this sturdy hunting blind: it's scent-containing and movement-blocking, and features a large door with a slide-lock seal and four plexiglass windows. Combine that with the UV- and weather-resistant design, and this model will last you a while. Our EIC likes the price on this one, considering many similar models can go for much higher. Reviewers say it's a great product for the price and easy to assemble.

2. Best One-Person Box Blind

Hughes Enforcer Box Blind - Amazon, $916.65

With the right additions, this rugged box blind can keep you up off the ground for superior visibility and the same viewpoint as a tree stand, minus getting battered by the elements during late-season hunts. This box blind is fairly straightforward to set up, and has a lockable door with quiet-sealing construction. You can fit two people in here, but works best with one hunter and one companion, as the 49" x 49" interior space will feel tight for two people hunting at the same time. This can also be used as a ground blind with the proper setup. Note that this blind only includes the box setup, and not the stand. 

3. Best Pop-Up Blind

Muddy Hunting 3-Person Blind - Amazon, $119.99

This isn't a traditional box blind, but we figured we'd throw a more portable option in here for people who want location flexibility and storage options. This three-person blind from Muddy Hunting is easy to set up, with nine included stakes and a relatively small packed size. It deploys quickly and is easy to adjust for the perfect angles and observation points. This is durable enough to leave set up for days at a time, and while it's not as permanent as the traditional box blinds, we do like the option of moving it on a whim. It has a blacked-out interior for more concealment, and a traditional pattern for versatile blending into the background. The generous window placement allows full visibility, and the covers have one-handed release hooks for easy, silent opening. This blind can comfortably fit three people and gear, but there won't be a ton of room for moving around, and we do wish the windows had the option of fully sealing instead of just hook-and-loop with a clip. 

4. A Luxury Option Well Worth The Price

Redneck Blinds Big Country Platinum 360 Blind - Redneck Blinds, $3,399.99

This spacious model is a top-tier choice, and while you'll pay a premium, the extra arm and leg room, gear storage, concealment, and quality construction make it worth it. This is the choice for the hunter who's looking to buy one box blind that'll last as long as they need it to, with a rugged fiberglass construction, 360-degree visibility and enough room to fit four hunters. This blind has 46-inch tall windows and a two-inch room overhang to keep rain and leaves from hampering visibility, and a dark camo pattern on portions of the windows to help keep you invisible. We're especially happy with the concealment here, with a closed-cell foam insulated ceiling, foam-covered walls, and a high-density foam flooring that helps keep sound and smell from escaping, and provides insulation for late-season chill. 

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