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The 6 Best Beach Towels To Dry Off Or Lounge On

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Of all the critical needs for a well-planned beach day, the beach towel you lounge on or dry off with might not seem like the most pressing one. After all, how different can one towel be from another? The answer, you might be surprised to learn, is very. While it's technically correct that you can get by with any old piece of fabric and still get a tan or stay comfortable while lounging, there are a ton of worthwhile upgrades available online. Plus, you can get your hands on a luxury beach towel without paying a luxury premium. The key to finding the perfect beach towel is to think long and hard about how you spend your time on the shore. If you mostly just soak up sun, you might want one designed to repel sand. On the other hand, if most of your day is spent splashing among the waves, then a super-absorbent quick drying towel might be in order. 

To guide you in your search, here's a breakdown of the best beach towels to buy this summer. From extra-large, extra-soft options to magic sand-proof ones, you'll find plenty of selections that will quickly make you ditch your old worn out towel. Here's the best of what we found:

1. The Best Beach Towel At An Affordable Price


Amazon Basics Cabana Stripe Beach Towels (2-Pack) - Amazon, $37.58

If you want to keep it simple with a couple of classic-looking, extra-large, and always soft towels, this pair from Amazon Basics won't lead you astray. The two-pack is perfect for the seafaring couple, and are big and porous enough to wrap you up and dry you off after a long swim. The towels come in a variety of striped colors, so you can mix and match them to fit your style. They're machine-washable and made of 100% cotton.

2. The Best Quick-Drying Option


Havluland 100% Turkish Cotton Beach Towels (Set of 6) - Amazon, $54.90

This set of six towels from Havluland checks all the boxes. The towels are stylish, made of extra-soft Turkish cotton, and come in at an excellent value. These towels are well-suited for the beach, pool, or even a picnic, and with six different colors to choose from, you can match your towel to the occasion. They're also pretty thin and lightweight, so while they might not be the best option if you're feeling chilly after your swim, they'll be easy to pack and roll up compactly. Another perk: they dry in under 20 minutes, as opposed to terrycloth towels which can take up to 60 minutes to dry.

3. The Best Sand-Proof Beach Towel 

Aysesa Sandproof Turkish Beach Towel - Amazon, $23.90

If sand getting everywhere is your least favorite part of the beach, you're in luck. This Turkish towel from Aysesa is not only luxuriously soft and comfortable, but also shakes sand off in a second. It also comes with a handy pocket to keep your phone and keys from getting buried in the sand while you sunbathe (just don't forget that they're there before you throw it in the wash). It comes in 11 different colors, and at 65 by 35 inches, it should be big enough for most anyone to lay out. This one also dries quickly and won't get that damp smell some towels can get over time.

4. The Most Eco-Friendly Option

Nomadix Original Towel - REI, $39.95

A day at the beach is often a good reminder of how beautiful the world is, and you can help keep it that way with this Nomadix towel, which is made entirely from recycled materials. It'll keep you dry and cozy on the beach, but it also works just as well for the yoga studio or the campsite. This kind of versatility helps justify the price, which is  on the higher end for a beach towel. It's also slip-resistant and has anti-microbial properties to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

5. The Best Beach Towels for Kids

Mainstays Cotton Beach Towel - Walmart, $5.96

Let's be honest: there's no real reason to spend a lot on a beach towel for your kids. Putting aside the fact that the towel will likely be covered in juice and ice cream by the end of your beach day, kids also rarely spend as much time as adults just lying there in the sun. This pick from Walmart is a solid pick, and at just under $6, it's nearly impossible to not get your money's worth. We also love that it's machine-washable and made of 100% cotton, which helps it stand out above other basic options.

6. The Best Luxury Beach Towels


Laguna Beach Textile Co. Striped Cabana Oversized Beach Towel - Amazon, $44.00

On the other hand, if you want to maximize your own comfort under the sun, you might want to check out this beauty from Laguna Beach Textile Co. It's about as luxurious as a beach towel can get, with an oversized plush construction that is extra-soft and extra-thick. The classic look also brings to mind vintage California beach vibes, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns. One reviewer writes: "I can't recommend these towels highly enough. They are gorgeous and worth every penny!"

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