Bass Fishing Lures Under $5
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5 Best Bass Fishing Lures Under $5

Anglers don't have to feel bad about looking for low cost bass fishing lures.

Every now and then you walk into the local tackle shop, fishing retailer, or even Bass Pro Shops and naturally gravitate towards the bargain tackle bin. It is usually chock full of fishing lures that have been collecting dust on the shelf, and the store just wants it out of there.

We understand that the newest, top-of-the-line fishing lures, especially those that come from the best, most popular manufacturers, are going to cost a little extra. Sometimes we feel a little silly expecting an inexpensive lure to out-fish the high-priced selections that have burst onto the tackle scene, full of innovation and persuasion. But it shouldn't have to be that way!

Americans love a bargain and fishing tackle is no exception. Give us what we want at a good price, and you're going to make a sale.

With that in mind, here are some of the best value-based fishing lure purchases you can make, knowing full well that you won't spend more than $5 on any of them.

Lipless Crankbait

The Rapala Rattling 5 is a bait from Rapala that keeps catching fish, and does it for less than a burger and fries. This is one of the best lipless crankbaits for the money, especially considering the brand name, but off-brand lipless crankbaits can work just as well.


The Booyah Pond Magic has a proven brand name to back it up and enough catches over the years to be deemed exceptional for its price. Not only that, but it comes in almost 20 different colors to make it useful in clear water or stained.

Minnow Bait

The Rebel Lures Value Series is full of great lifelike lures with a trusted name, and they can definitely catch fish on the cheap. This particular bait has been around long enough that it's proven itself as a worthy addition to your tackle box. Sharp treble hooks and several realistic colors and patterns help this lure rival live bait.


The Rebel Pop-R is one of the better known surface lures around, having caught a load of fish for both the pros and the weekend angler alike. This popper lure comes in so many different patterns that it is hard to choose one, but be aware that the fancier patterns are more expensive. Opt for the basic black and silver to make sure it stays under $5.

Soft Plastic

The Yum Dinger Classic is one of those finesse baits that has earned its place in the annals of plastic worms due to its ability to entice big fish to eat when others will not. This highly rated and versatile plastic bait can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or wacky rigged, weighted or weightless, and get under the skin of bass so bad that it's ridiculous.

Inexpensive Fishing Lures

The reality is that finding good fishing lures for a price that we are willing to pay is sometimes easy, and other times difficult. Manufacturers keep coming out with great baits, and others have to move to make room. Sometimes those moves involve a spot in the bargain bin.

Jigs, swimbaits, and jerkbaits can all be had for a little less, but when it comes to good fishing gear, we want to know our hard bait or soft bait will hold up and do its job.

Just because you have the newest Berkley, Rapala, or Strike King on the end of your line doesn't mean you're guaranteed to catch anything. Whether they imitate baitfish like bluegill or shad, or cause a commotion like a buzzbait or spinnerbait, any freshwater fishing bait is only as good as the angler who's fishing with them.

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