The Best Ammo for Backyard Pests

Spring is here and so are the pests.

Selective sniping is in order to alleviate these problems, and there is always a myriad of choices to make when it comes to taking them down.

Here are five of the best ammo selections for backyard pests.

1. CCI Quiet-22 40 Grain Segmented Hollow Point

This little .22 long rifle cartridge fires at a published 710 fps, and is very quiet from a rifle length barrel. The 40 grain segmented hollow point breaks into separate wound channels. In other words, it's cutting edge technology.

2. CCI .22 CB Short 29 Grain Cartridge

The CCI CB Short has been a long time favorite. From basement ranges to backyard vermin problems, the little 29 grain lead bullet punches holes where you need them, and does so quietly.

3. CCI .22 Short Copper Plated Hollow Point

The .22 short hollow point will drop critters without much chance for exiting. While a bit louder (due to its 1105 fps), it's still quieter out of a rifle length barrel than a high velocity .22 long rifle cartridge.

4. H&N Terminator HP Pellets

H&N Terminator Pellets offer both penetration and expansion. Available in .177 and .22 caliber sizes, you can load these pellets up in your quality air rifle for hard hitting, varmint killing action.

5. H&N Baracuda Hunter HP Pellets

When lighter pests like birds are involved, a rapid-opening hollow point is desired. The Baracuda Hunter HP Pellets offer that in .177, .22, and .25 caliber sizes. Smack those pests hard and fast with this quick opening hollow point.