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Behold the Power of the Unmanned HDT Hunter Wolf and Its 30mm Cannon

YouTube:HDT Global

The HDT Hunter Wolf is a force to deal with thanks to a 30mm gun!

The future of warfare will likely take on many different forms. One form will be an increased use of robotic vehicles that can be sent into danger zones first, keeping human soldiers safe from danger. One of those vehicles is the HDT Hunter Wolf.

Designed as a multi-purpose vehicle, it resembles a six-wheeled ORV, but is far more technologically advanced. The Wolf can be used to move supplies or injured soldiers around the battlefield. It can also be fitted with mine rollers and digging tools to help support troops in the field.

It can also be outfitted with weapons. The video below shows one of these vehicles outfitted with a 30mm gun in a live fire exercise. This vehicle shows off some impressive firepower on some steel barrels here!

The Marines and the Army have both taken a lot of interest in this vehicle and the different capabilities it has. These machines have a range of 100 miles and can reach a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

The 30mm gun you see mounted here is usually used on aircraft like the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, AC-130 or the A-10 Thunderbolt II. In other countries these guns are commonly mounted on jet fighters or armored personnel carriers. This ammunition is heavy and the guns that shoot it are even heavier. Putting one of these guns on a smaller vehicle should help give troops some much-needed support.

At the very least it was an impressive demonstration to watch. We would not want to be on the wrong end of this new technology. Anything that can be used to keep our brave servicemen and women out of harm's way longer is a win in our book.

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Behold the Power of the Unmanned HDT Hunter Wolf and Its 30mm Cannon