'Project Healing Waters' Helps Iraq War Veteran Deal With PTSD

The common struggle to transition back into civilian life for a young Iraq war veteran was forever changed by a fly fishing trip with Project Healing Waters.

Randall Steiger felt the urge to serve his country after the tragic events of September 11th, but like so many young service members, the price for our freedom comes with an everlasting cost.

PTSD is a constant battle many of our veterans have to live with when they return from war, and it's not an easy obstacle to overcome. Listen to Randall's story as he explains how a fly fishing trip with "Project Healing Waters" helped him overcome his battle, and change his life forever.

As fishermen, we all know the therapeutic power fly fishing has on our soul, but when you hear a story like Randall's, it makes it that much more significant.

Our service members sacrifice everything so that we may sleep peacefully at night with our loved ones and live freely in the greatest country on Earth, but knowing how the war can permanently alter the young minds of our veterans is troubling to say the least.

Project Healing Waters is on a mission to help ease the everlasting effect war has on our veterans, and it's an awesome story.

To hear Randall speak so poetically about the fishing and how it soothes his mind is something any outdoorsmen can relate to, and we're happy to hear it.

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