Bears in a Pool
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Mother Bear and Three Cubs Cool Off From Heat in Backyard Pool

Even bears enjoy a nice dip in the pool!

We are just now starting to get into the dog days of summer. The temperature is going up in many parts of the county and both people and animals are feeling the heat. On a hot day, nothing beats going to your local lake, or jumping in the pool to cool off.

Even the wild animals need an escape from the unBEARable heat of the sun's rays. Bears especially with that thick hide and coat. There is a reason bears enjoy swimming so much.

In one of the most adorable recent wildlife videos we have seen, a mother black bear and her three cubs are caught on a security camera sneaking into a backyard pool for a quick dip. Mom spends a lot of time soaking and relaxing as her cubs wrestle and play fight on the pool's edge.

According to the video's description, this footage was taken in Arcadia, California. Near the edge of the San Gabriel mountains. The house is situated along a natural wildlife trail, so it was probably only a matter of time before these bruins found their way into the pool. This mother and her cubs are frequent visitors once the temperatures start climbing. Who can blame them in the recent heat much of the country has been experiencing?

Especially when many natural water sources have dried up. You can just see it on the mother bear's face. That look of "ahhhhh" while cooling off from the heat.

Encounters like this are becoming increasingly more common in many parts of the country as wild areas are developed and humans start encroaching on the natural spaces these animals like to call home. We have seen similar videos in places like the Smokey Mountains this year when a bruin hopped into a hot tub on a cool spring morning. If there is one thing we can say about bears, they are not picky about their water sources!

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