Bear Thinks This Deer Hunter's Ladder Stand Was Made for Him

A ladder stand seems rather welcoming to this black bear.

A deer hunter in Otter Tail County, Minnesota got a little more than he bargained for.

When he sat in his ladder stand, waiting for a whitetail deer, something odd happened.

Watch the clip to see what he saw.

The black bear would have assumed a ladder was far easier than gripping a tree trunk and scrambling up, or was just curiously smelling an unfamiliar sight.

Either way, a bear tag would have been a nice thing to have in your pocket if you were this hunter!

When a bear climbs that high up a tree stand, you better hope you aren't strictly a bowhunter! Bear hunting with archery is not for the unprepared. As far as big game in North America goes, it's a bear attack you're probably worrying about the most. What would he have done if it were a ground blind?!

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