Bear Spray
YouTube: BowZoneBoys

Hunter Blasts Curious Bruins with Bear Spray to Get Them Off His Tree

Hunter has no choice but to unleash the bear spray while hunting.

We have all heard the old joke. How do you identify beat scat? It has little bells and smells like pepper. The joke being of course that bear spray did nothing except help add a little flavor to a hungry bruin's human meal. However, the truth is, bear spray, when deployed correctly, is quite effective in getting a bear to leave you alone.

Most bear attacks happen quickly and video of a successful bear defense using pepper spray is rare. We've only seen it a few times with Yellowstone bears when rangers used it to scare the animals away from tourists in the past.

Today's video is a little different. Here, two young black bears start climbing a tree with two hunters in it. Eventually, it makes the two hunters nervous enough to give the curious animals a good blast to the face. As you'll see, it doesn't take much to do the job!

Just one squeeze of the bear spray's trigger was all it took to send these two young bruins packing. The video's description states that there were two hunters in the tree and that the animals here weighed about 150 pounds each. They are estimated to be around two years old, so they are probably still a little naïve about humans at this point. We think it's safe to say they learned an important lesson on this day!

The description from BowZoneBoys also states that it was that second bear looking up at the hunters which was the one that made them nervous and caused them to make the decision to spray them. This encounter worked out well except for one of the hunters getting some of the fumes in his mouth.

That's a reminder that you must watch the wind closely before you use one of these devices, but the proof is in the pudding with this video. A can of bear spray will effectively deter an aggressive bear in the right scenario. Both hunters and bruins live to see another day. Well done guys!

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