DNR Reports Two Confirmed Bear Sightings in Iowa

It's hard to believe, but there have been numerous bear sightings in Iowa.

The DNR confirms the bear sightings in Iowa occurred in Grundy, Butler, and Tama counties. Check out this news report and get the lowdown on where these sightings happened and how the DNR reacted.

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According to records from the DNR, the wandering bears were looking for females and food. DNR conservation officer Mike Bonser commented on why these sightings are so rare:

"Most of the bears that we find in Iowa, they're all traveling through. They're coming out of states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, they're even coming up out of Missouri.  Most of these bears that are traveling through are looking for their own little territories, and they're probably pretty much lost when they get here. And finding out that we don't have the habitat that they're necessarily looking for." 

Everett Manship from Conrad spotted one of the bears recently and knew to keep his distance from the animal. So if you see one of these creatures remember this advice from Bonser,"It's probably going to be more afraid of you, than you are of it. It will probably run away as soon as it realizes you are there. If you need to make yourself look big, puff up, put your coat over your head, make yourself looking bigger than the bear." It's still unknown if these bear sightings in Iowa are of one or two bears. 

Images via KTIV