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Bear Mace Works Well for Keeping Non-Paying Bullies at Bay

bear mace
Phone and Computer Guys/YouTube

Pay your bill or get maced? Obviously, this guy figured it was a trick question.

Bear mace has many uses other than deterring bears. Take customers who refuse to pay, for example. If they become unruly and try to take back their goods, a quick shot of mace will generally stop them dead in their tracks.

That was the case for the owner of Phone and Computer Guys. Here's a rundown of the video in his own words:

"Some guy named Devine (stripper name?) tried to rip me off. So I told him to leave and ended up macing him. Then I charged my regular rate + a $99 macing fee (his girlfriend came in and paid since he didn't have any money to begin with I imagine). The cops saw this video and laughed and had me play it again. It was deemed that "he deserved it" and they filed no charges on either of us. Guy pulls this attitude on everyone all over town I've come to find out after posting this. Never gotten so many high fives just for walking down the street. Hilarious! Thanks for watching!"

And here's the video:

Think this guy got what he deserved? What are your thoughts?

I must admit, I loved the fact that that powerful spray of mace knocked the dudes hat off! Oh, and the drop kick to the back to finish him off? A perfect 10.

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Bear Mace Works Well for Keeping Non-Paying Bullies at Bay