Bear in an SUV
YouTube: Viral Hog

Curious Bears Figure Out SUV Door and Break In

Bears are inherently curious animals that are always looking for their next meal. Sometimes it gets them into trouble when they start poking those noses and paws into places where they do not belong. Usually that involves them messing around with things that belong to humans, and this video is a prime example. The footage was shot by a security camera in Idaho. For a little over five minutes, it shows two bears, one noticeably more determined than the other, trying to break into an SUV. The bear starts off on top and tries to get in through the sunroof. When that doesn't work, it climbs all over the roof, looking for a weak spot. Eventually it slides off the car windshield to the ground on the driver's side.

After prying at the door for a bit, it eventually opens. The bear accidentally closes it, but quickly figures out how to open it again. From there, the bruin spends several minutes inside the vehicle. It also appears that he rips part of the inside of the door off. Eventually the second bear comes in to inspect the damage. At one point, it looks like the bears are going to get busted by a passing car, but they get away with a near perfect crime.

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According to the video's description, the SUV sustained minor damage in this incident. We're just curious how an insurance company responds to a bear damage claim. At least the SUV's owner has the video to prove that's what really happened!

We suspect there was something inside the SUV that the bear thought smelled good. It's the best explanation for why it was so determined to get inside. If there was food inside, it looks like the bruin ate it up quickly and then lost interest. The key lesson here is to be careful with leaving food unattended outdoors in bear country, even if it is locked in a vehicle. Because you just never know when a bear's nose will lead him someplace he doesn't belong.

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