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YouTube: Vanity Fair

Bear Grylls Determines Which Blockbuster Survival Films Are Actually Realistic

We've all asked the same question while watching an intense survival scene.

We've all asked, "What are the chances this would actually work?"

Then, we always kind of assume whatever is in question isn't realistic and it's just dramatized with "the Hollywood effect."

However, the only way we can really know for sure is by asking an expert. And, who better to ask than Bear Grylls, who's widely recognized as the king of survival?

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Vanity Fair presented Grylls with some of the most famous survival moments in cinematic history, allowing him to decide which could actually happen in a real-life survival situation.

Watch the video below:

So the films we have here are The Revenant, Cast Away, Point Break, Everest, Titanic, Crocodile Dundee, Bird Box and The Office. And, I have to say Grylls actually surprised me.

I would've expected all but one or two of these to fail the Grylls test, and yet he actually confirmed that most of these moments could actually happen in real life.

Obviously Grylls is a far more credible source than me, but the only one I would disagree with is the Crocodile Dundee scene. Perhaps it's because the attack looks so fake to begin with, but there's no way a crocodile would be play tug of war with a canteen like that. Second, why didn't she just let it slip off her head? I don't see it.

I agree with Grylls on the rest of them, however!