Be Ready for Anything with This Survival Knife, Sheath, Whetstone and Firesteel Set

It's important to have this impressive cutlery on your waist at all times. 

This CDS-Survival knife is wildly known not only for its strong, sharp steel, but its rugged aesthetic as well. The leather sheath is carefully stitched to look classic on the hip while maintaining a durability that protects the knife. Want it now? Get this piece of cutlery for 11% off.

CDS-Survival MOVA-58 Stainless Steel Outdoor, Survival and Hunting Knife 


The stainless steel blade is essential for chopping and batoning, while also performing well for whatever job you need. The entire set is well crafted, with a thick blade reaching 4-3/4". The grip is made of cocobolo wood and makes for an easy handle when cutting into tough surfaces.

Shop this knife right now and don't waste any more time with a knife that doesn't quite cut it.