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Bass Fisherman Unknowingly Drops Rod and Reel Overboard While Landing Big Fish

Every fisherman or woman knows the excitement that comes when you finally hook into a nice-sized fish. Especially if you have been on the water for a while and the bites have been hard to come by. Sometimes we get so focused on the fish we just caught that we cannot see the forest for the trees. It is like we have blinders on to the rest of the world.

To see what we mean, just watch this hilarious, and short viral video of an angler who has just hooked into a nice largemouth bass.

We have no doubt this guy was kicking himself for hours after catching this fish. In his excitement over landing it, he sets his rod in the water without realizing. As he is busy showing off his catch for the camera, his brand-new fishing rod and reel are sinking to the bottom, never to be seen again.

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We simply cannot stop laughing at this video. Mostly because we can totally see ourselves pulling this exact same mistake with a big catch! In fact, I have come quite close to doing exactly this a few times myself while kayak fishing. The perils of owning a smaller watercraft! To be fair, we cannot blame him for being excited. That was a nice bass and one anyone would be happy to catch.

We do wish the video had not cut off though. We are curious how long he searched around for the rod and reel before he reviewed the footage to find out his mistake. At least he has a few other rods in the boat so the day is not totally ruined.

Our hat is off to this guy for making such a silly mistake and then being brave enough to upload the footage to the Internet knowing he will get laughed at. Hey, if you cannot laugh at yourself...

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