alligator bald eagle photo by Chris Holwell
Facebook, Chris Holwell

Watch This Lucky Bald Eagle Narrowly Escape an Alligator's Jaws

Bald eagles might be endangered, but to this alligator, they're just another easy meal sitting on the shore.

Recently, a U.K. resident, Chris Holwell, was visiting Florida's Orlando Wetlands Park, According to WFLA, and happened to catch the momenta nearby alligator was looking for its next meal. With his camera in hand, Holwell was lucky enough to catch the whole thing unfolding from a safe distance.

The only one luckier in this scenario was the bald eagle.

Holwell posted the entire series of photographs to Facebook, noting it was likely a juvenile Bald Eagle who nearly didn't see its next birthday.

In the snaps, you can see the alligator expertly stalks its prey along the beach as the bird appears to be looking in the water for its own lunch. Bypassing an unassuming turtle on the shoreline, the alligator lunges at its feathered prey.

The bald eagle leaps into the air, avoiding the snapping jaws of the gator. But the gator was not one to give up easily. It tries to go after its meal, but the bald eagle is able to get away, leaving behind a very disappointed and hungry alligator.

The astonishing photos give viewers a glimpse of how large a bald eagle's wingspan is, especially when compared to an alligator. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, bald eagles' wings span from 5½ feet to 8 feet, and the raptors can grow up to 40 inches head to tail. Yet, despite their large size, they usually only weigh up to 12 pounds.

By comparison, female alligators grow slightly over 8 feet, and males get up to 11 feet. Large males weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

While alligators may have a weight advantage, the Florida bald eagle proved it's a more agile creature, and this particular one had quite a bit of luck on its side.