What Bait Should I Use?! 3 Smart Picks for 3 Different Situations

What bait should I use?! We've got some ideas.

You can act like the best fisherman in the world, but if you're not able to understand and adapt to your surroundings, you're simply missing out on fish. And a lot of them.

There's no point in fishing with the same tactics or baits across all situations, so set these three suggestions to memory and you'll at least be working towards a catch, and not away from.

1. You're fishing for bass in new territory

Maybe you are checking out a new lake, or maybe you're just starting out on a trip out of town. Either way, you're unfamiliar, and you need something reliable and simple.

A worm probably makes sense, right? Well this is not your average worm. Soon to be available from the Berkley® PowerBait® MaxScent line, The General is made of an all-new material with a super-charged scent field, and is a real benefit in finesse presentations.

2. You found the thick stuff

Dealing with tangled underwater reeds? Thick lily pads? Overhanging and submerged branches?

Toss a Berkley® PowerBait® MaxScent Creature Hawg, one of Berkley's newest baits about to hit the market with a loud, thumping strike, one almost as strong as bass will hit it.

3. You need something to stir them up

Sometimes basic baits can't cut it, and you need something with aggressive action, some sound output, and a vibration factor that sends big bass into a frenzy.

That's when the situation calls for a Berkley® Warpig™and specifically the Black Gold or Black Silver color combo. The lipless sinking bait is ideal when things get slow.