Badlands Introduces New Multi-Purpose Vario Pack System

Badlands looks to deliver hunters a do-it-all hunting pack.

Hunting can get expensive, plain and simple. Just to start deer hunting on a serious level, you're going to need a ton of gear, including a firearm or bow, proper camouflage, a rifle, a treestand, and a reliable hunting backpack.

That shopping cart can get pretty full depending on the size of your budget. But it gets really tough when you want dabble with other game, such as turkeys, upland birds, small game and big game.

Each calls for different gear, warmer- or colder-weather apparel, perhaps the addition of a sleeping bag and other camping gear, and (of course) a different pack to haul everything.

That's why Badlands Packs wanted to give hunters a lightweight pack that served multiple purposes, whether that's a local, one-day deer hunt or a week-long moose hunt in Alaska. They attacked it with a modular design, and it's something else.

Vario Modular Hunting Pack System

Bandlands Vario

As you can see, the pack comes in Badlands' Approach camo pattern, which aims to blend in with any environment.

The Vario system operates off a sturdy internal frame, which hunters can get in medium and large sizes, fitting both men and women. Depending on the size, packs range from $349.99 to $499.99.

Badlands Vario

Engineered to stay right against your back, the frame employs a "meatshelf," which keeps the heaviest contents close your body for an improved center of gravity. Meanwhile, you still have access to all the gear you might need on your hunt.

Badlands Vario

The "load-lifter" system transfers weight from the load down into your hips to take weight out of the shoulder straps.

The Vario system comes in four different options, which include the Day Pack, the 33 Pack (3,300 cubic inches), the 50 Pack (5,000 cubic inches) and the Vario 65 Pack (6,500 cubic inches).

Also available is the Vario Deluxe Batwing, which hunters can add to increase storage space of their pack.

With Badlands becoming a household name among serious backcountry hunters since its birth 25 years ago, this new product has drawn a lot of attention.

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