Iguana Cooked With Bacon
YouTube: deermeatfordinner

Bacon Wrapped Iguana Makes For a Rather Interesting Meal

This is one ummm, interesting way to prepare iguana.

These days Florida is overrun with a bevy of different invasive species. One of the most problematic up and comers has been the green iguana. These big lizards are believed to have gotten to the Sunshine State thanks to either escapees or released animals from the exotic pet trade. Whatever the case may be, they have a strong foothold in Florida now and are causing all sorts of issues. Mainly just the destruction of native vegetation. Although their burrows can also cause structural integrity issues for human dwellings.

Fortunately, hunting for the big lizards with high powered air guns has become quite popular. It's a great way to test your shooting skills and make a difference for conservation at the same time. And yes, you can eat these big lizards if you are brave enough. It also helps if you know of a creative way to prepare the meat too, which sometimes gets compared to chicken. In fact, in Puerto Rico, where they are also common, they are sometimes called "Chicken of the Trees."

In any case, it would help if people could find some new ways to prepare them to get more hunters interested in targeting them. Perhaps YouTuber deermeatfordinner has found the answer. Robert goes out iguana hunting with his family and then takes the biggest of the bunch to his backyard smoker where he wraps it in bacon and then smokes it. Yes, really. Just watch the video below to see it happen.

Well, this one was a new one on us. This is the first time we've seen an iguana prepared like this. It may not be the last either. We can see many other adventurous hunters wanting to give this recipe a try. This seems to be the trend with wild game cooking these days. Just wrap it or pair it with bacon and you've got a delicious dish.

Hey, we're not opposed. After all, bacon goes with literally everything. It works with venison, doves, and waterfowl, why wouldn't it work with iguana? Kudos to Robert for coming up with an extremely unique new way to prepare one of the most problematic invasive lizards in North America. Let's hope this type of recipe leads to a decrease in the population.

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