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Baby Goat Meets Puppy and Cuteness Overload Ensues

Some videos are just too cute to handle—and this is one of them. Watch at your own risk, because you might find yourself in a puddle on the floor when you're done. It's hard not to have that kind of reaction when you watch a four-day-old baby goat meet a four-month-old puppy for the first time, after all.

Puppies are usually pretty social creatures, but this baby goat gives the puny pup a run for his money in the socialization department. All this little goat wants is some playtime, but his new pal takes a bit of convincing to get there. And who can blame the pup, since he's snuggled up in a comfy bed? We get it. The puppy clearly has a case of the Mondays, or well, any day of the week for those of us less than inclined to get up from a deep sleep.

Playtime waits for no pup, though, and eventually, with a bit of coaxing, he finds the strength to leave his cozy spot and interact with his new goat friend. After that, nothing can stop this inter-species friendship.

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Watch this dynamic duo in action:

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes our best friends are those who are pretty different from us. These two prove once again that we can always find companionship by looking a little deeper than usual. And, well, getting out of bed, even when it's really comfy. If we can learn anything from this, it's that having a good goat pal makes it easier to get out of bed in the mornings.

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This article was originally published March 3, 2017.

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