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Baby Beaver Baits for Muskies: Would You Throw One?

Muskie fanatics have latched onto a new way to hook the toothy critter. 

There's been some buzz recently about the use of baby beaver baits for big muskies. Some pictures and articles are beginning to surface on how to fish the rodent imitating lure.

Here's a nice look at the bait's action in the water, and how you should retrieve it back to the boat.

While the baby beaver will not be replacing the bucktail anytime soon, it is an interesting technique that some muskie anglers have utilized.

It features a segmented body that is accompanied with hand tied deer hair. The segments appear to swim in an astonishing life-like fashion, and the deer hair flows beautifully in the water. They aren't quite as cute as an authentic baby beaver, but if I was a muskie I'd be fooled.

We've seen a variety of odd lures such as baby ducks, geese, squirrels, and even turtles, but this beaver throws a whole new wrench into the tool box.

It goes to show that a hungry muskie will take a bite out of just about anything. Perhaps the rumors are true, and beaver tail really is a delicacy.

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Baby Beaver Baits for Muskies: Would You Throw One?