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Video: Awesome Hog Hunting From an Airboat

What could be better than going on a hog hunt? How about hog hunting from an airboat? 

Feral hogs have spread to all corners of the country. Some places are easy to hunt, but others prove to be more of a challenge. Hunting the swamps and marshes of Louisiana can be difficult...well, unless you have an airboat.

While the guys in Texas are out flying in helicopters chasing hogs, the Louisiana boys do it a bit differently. They just move the propeller from the top of the vehicle to the back.

This high-powered airboat cuts through the swamps and sawgrass to get these hunters within yards of hogs.

Flying through the marshes chasing hogs looks like a blast, but I'm not sure I'd like to be the guy sitting on the bottom. Something having someone shoot over my head just makes me nervous. Either way, you can't beat an afternoon of shooting hogs.


Video: Awesome Hog Hunting From an Airboat