Two male (upland game) hunters. Hunting pheasants with their hunting dog (chocolate lab).
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Man Shot In Freak Accident on Hunting Trip for Feral Pigs

This is a good reminder to never ride in a car with a loaded weapon.

A man is in critical condition after a pig hunting trip in eastern Australia went horribly wrong.

Feral pig hunting is a popular pastime in parts of Australia. Similar to in the U.S., the non-native animals are considered a serious environmental concern and an agricultural pest because they eat native plants and animals and dig up large expanses of vegetation. A study by the University of Queensland found that wild pigs are uprooting an area between 22 to 75 square miles.

These particular hunters were hunting feral pigs on private property in southwest Queensland. They were riding on the back of a four-by-four when the vehicle hit a bump.

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One man was thrown from the rear tray of the vehicle, and his loaded rifle discharged when he hit the ground. The bullet hit another man, said to be in his 50s, in the torso.

The injured man was taken to Cunnamulla Hospital in critical condition and later flown to a hospital in Brisbane, Queensland's capital. Police have ruled the incident an accident, and no charges have been laid.

Unfortunately, accidental discharges and negligent discharges are all too common. Between 2014 and 2016, alone, there were over 300 accidents in the U.S., 94 of which resulted in death.

And the accidental discharge in Australia isn't the first time someone has been accidentally shot due to a bumpy road: Rough terrain has been known to cause loaded guns to fire, as we saw in an incident last year in West Virginia, when a father and son were driving a side-by-side over rough terrain after a hunting trip. One of the guns went off, shooting the father through the back (non-fatally, thankfully).

The accident in Australia is a good reminder to make sure you brush up on your gun safety and always treat the weapons with a healthy respect. Many states prohibit carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, so double check your state's laws.

If you are choosing to ride in a truck or off-road vehicle with a loaded gun, make sure it is in a safe place, where it will be secure through any type of terrain, with the muzzle pointed away from any passengers. Your friends will thank you.

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