YouTube: Dixon Brothers Fishing

Australian Angler Catches Monster Blue Groper From the Bank

This saltwater fisherman reeled in a big blue using bait that was right beneath his feet.

Aron Dixon from Dixon Brothers Fishing is no stranger to dominating the banks of Australia. In fact, he and his brother, Chris, have a successful YouTube channel and a growing Facebook following from doing just that.

In this video, Dixon doesn't go astray whatsoever, as he manages to shore a beast of a western blue groper.

Found only in the coastal waters of southern Australia, the blue groper likely looks unfamiliar to most of our American readers, but any Australian saltwater angler will attest to their fortitude.

The following clip shows Dixon first spearing crabs dwelling between rocks on the shore, then using that bait in an area where he'd seen a small school of gropers.

In no time, his rod is bent over and the fight is on, though the end of the fight doesn't come as quickly.

Watch the video below:

Gropers are rather peculiar fish, as you can see from their physical appearance alone. They have particularly thick bodies, peg teeth, big scales and robust lips.

What's far more unique about them, though, is the fact they all begin life as females. They may become a male as they grow over time, but you'll generally have only one or two males in a group at a time.

However, if the male of a group dies, one of the females will naturally grow into a male.

Australia never ceases to amaze people in the ways of wildlife, and their fisheries are just as impressive.

Congrats to Aron on an incredible catch!

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