ATN Digital Binox Lineup Poised to Shake Up the Market


You may have never dreamed binoculars could do everything the ATN Binox line can pull off.

The brand new ATN Binox digital binoculars are already setting the standard for a high-tech, new age set of equipment that's more capable than anything that's come before it.

We were in Las Vegas for the 2019 SHOT Show, and got an exclusive look at (and through) these Binox 4K and Binox 4T binoculars. They're set to be available by this summer, and if our quick preview is any indication, they're likely to be top sellers. It felt like we were on the cusp of something big.

For starters, the Binox 4K can be used day or night, meaning a hunt doesn't have to end because of dark, as long as it's legal. It's equipped with a laser rangefinder and has a full 16 hours of battery life.

The Binox 4T are thermal binoculars, where the technology really begins to shine. The IR Illuminator can designate a target behind treelines or out of normal view. The hunting applications are obvious, and the interface and button system are easy to learn.

The Binox 4K and 4T will also record video and still images, and can share what they is viewing through live Wi-Fi streaming. Even better, both the new Binox models come with incorporated BIX technology, which lets you take ballistics calculations and transfer the data to one of ATN's smart scopes, making your precision and accuracy unparalleled.

These two sets of binoculars were easily among the most impressive things we have seen emerge so far this year, and we've got high expectations for the reception the hunting and sportsmen public will give.

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