ATN Corp's New Products for 2020 Include Thermal Monocular, Thermal Clip-On Sight


Take a look at the innovative optics coming to market from ATN Corp, who's leading the way in affordable thermal rifle scopes with night vision, smart HD recording, and a multitude of other capabilities.

Each year we try to pay close attention to the new wave of optics that come out of the industry, but it's admittedly difficult to keep up. But not a year goes by without hearing from ATN Corp, one of our favorite smart optics makers. Their day/night rifle scopes have impressed us from first sight, and the products they're coming up with to add to those offerings are following suit.

We got to see, up close and in fine detail, three new products ATN is coming out with this year. When the thermal imaging day/night sight, thermal monocular, and clip-on sight were announced, we couldn't wait to get our hands on them at SHOT Show 2020 to really see what they could do.

After getting a full run through from one of ATN's experts, we thought some of the features and capabilities of these smart HD optics were pretty awesome. Then we learned about the MSRPs of the new gear. Needless to say, ATN Corp's year is set to be a big one.

The company is proving that thermal, night vision capabilities aren't strictly for law enforcement or military operations. When you use them as hunting rifle scopes, game animal scouting tools, and management control devices, there's a whole new world that can open up to the optics user.

Here are a few more details on the specific things we got to check out, all of which will be available on ATN Corp's website in good time.

X-Sight LTV Series Day/Night Thermal Imaging Scope

A scaled and slimmed version of the already popular ATN X-Sight 4K Pro, the X-Sight LTV brings forth the new ATN QHD+ M584 Sensor with a resolution of 2688x1944. The vivid, crisp image these scopes produce is like what you'd expect from a high-quality piece of glass. Then you're reminded of all the extra features.

It's smaller and lighter than the previous versions, with the new ATN Obsidian LT Core which promotes an expanded battery life. It allows you to record HD video and cycle through multiple reticles. The X-Sight LTV has a 3D gyroscope, a 3D accelerometer, and includes an IR illuminator. Despite all that tech-talk, is still pretty simple to operate.

You can mount this versatile scope on almost anything with standard 30mm rings. Basically, it's the digital scope for the masses.

OTS LT Thermal HD Monocular

We were able to look through the OTS LT Thermal HD Monocular on the showroom floor, and it really didn't do the optic justice. Though it was incredible to see how well it worked, we needed the dead of night to really get the full idea.

Still, the monocular's capabilities spoke for themselves. The same Obsidian LT Core is at work keeping the battery consumption reasonable, and lenses available range from 19mm to 50mm.

The top of the series boasts a human detection range of 1,700 meters and a human identification range of 400 meters. Imagine what that translates to as wildlife detection! Scoping for critters in hunting situations or thick vegetation is the sort of task night vision devices like the OTS LT are made for.

It's lightweight, can be held in one hand for an extended period of time, and makes game recovery or search and rescue duties far more efficient.

TICO LT Thermal Clip On Sight

Perhaps the coolest of the new ATN Corp gear was the TICO LT Thermal Clip On Sight. It's a wonder it's taken so long for someone to bring this sort of thing to the general public, but to think it can change your entire set up into a night vision-capable machine is really incredible.

For those who can't manage to part with their rifle scopes, the TICO LT brings thermal straight to your current set up. There's nothing to zero or adjust; you can just upgrade the optics you're already comfortable with. Up to 10 hours battery life and 1280x720 resolution thermal imagery are indeed upgrades.

The clip on is versatile and weather resistant, and it's so easy to attach and detach the TICO LT, that we've got some pretty high expectations for this release.

Now that you've seen the newest products from ATN Corp, you're wise to what more and more hunters, shooters, and servicemen and women are learning each season: ATN really is the future of optics.