Best Season Yet

Are You Following Along With HUSHIN's "Best Season Yet" Series?

If you're not following along yet with HUSHIN's "Best Season Yet" series on YouTube, you're missing out. 

The team of hunters sets out to chase mule deer and elk in the high country in states like Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and more. It's bar none one of the best hunting shows on YouTube right now.

With uncut action these hunts promote adrenaline rushes, and show what it's like to hunt the high country. With nearly 60 episodes already released, you will find plenty to watch in the off season when you really need to get your hunting fix.

A lot, if not all, of their hunts are on public land, dependent on wherever they draw tags. They tend to release a new video almost daily for their over 265,000 subscribers. The core of the team consists of passionate hunters with a love for the outdoors and the animals they pursue.


This series is fun to watch not only because of the wild game animals they chase, but the tactics, tips and advice they implore to their viewers. You can find out more about their content at

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