mathews bow

Archer Hits Coyote at 40 Yards with Mathews Bow

This bowhunter gets a nice-looking coyote with a beautifully aimed heart shot on a Mathews bow.

Hunting from a tree stand using a Mathews Bow, this archer nails a coyote at 40 yards with an effective shot through the heart.

Watch this video and note how accurate this shot is despite all the trucks and branches blocking the hunter's view!

Can you believe this archer was able to hit the coyote at that range with all the debris in the way? It's as though the arrow had a mind of its own, navigating through all the trees to find its target.

According to the Youtube user, this coyote was shot at 40 yards, and he was using a Mathews Z7 bow. Although he had a great bow, it's the shot that counted on this hunt. That he was able to hit the coyote in the heart at that distance only conveys how skilled this archer was.

Keep in mind what you saw here, and remember even if you have a great bow, you also have to make an even greater shot. This video would have been a failure if the archer's shot was off by even an inch.