Another Reminder: No Selfies with the Yellowstone Bison!

Please don't do this on your Yellowstone visit.

Spring is officially well underway and in the nation's first national park, that also means the arrival of tourist season. Unfortunately, some tourists coming into Yellowstone don't bother to read the signs or safety flyers the rangers hand you when you drive through the gates.

Just check out this video of extremely stupid and dangerous tourist behavior around bison as an example of what NOT to do.

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It's amazing no one was hurt in this video. I've personally seen angry bison charge RVs in the park before. A study last year actually found there is a correlation between the number of bison attacks and people taking selfies with the animals.

Keep in mind Yellowstone regulations require visitors to stay 25 yards away from bison. The distance is even greater when it comes to large predators like bears and wolves.

Last year was actually an incredibly busy year for stupid tourist activity. There were instances of people trampling on the hot springs and attempting to collect water from them. One died after jumping into a hot spring. But the dumbest tourist incident of last year centered on a father and son attempting to "rescue" a baby bison.

It must be rough being a Yellowstone ranger during peak tourist season. The park is an amazing place to visit, but please follow the rules for your safety and the animals in the park!