Another Person Attacked by an Elk in Yellowstone National Park

Could this be the same elk?

For the second time in three days, someone has fallen victim to an elk attack in Yellowstone National Park. What's even crazier is that according to, this attack happened behind the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, the same place the first one happened.

Penny Allyson Behr, a 53-year-old Texas woman, was walking between cabins Tuesday morning when a cow elk bedding down with a calf caught her off guard. Despite an effort to slowly back away, she suffered blows to the head and torso when the animal started kicking.

Emergency responders would ultimately take Behr to Livingston Memorial Hospital to seek medical attention.

Officials don't know if this was the same elk that attacked 51-year-old Charlene Triplett Sunday. However, the odds of two encounters happening in the same place by two different cows with calves seem slim.

Park rangers continue to monitor the area and caution visitors to try their best keep a safe distance from these animals.