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Video: Angry Turkey Attacks UPS Driver

turkey vs. UPS
YouTube: Snow Biggie

Check out this video of an angry turkey antagonizing a UPS driver outside of a Minnesota hospital.

A group of doctors and nurses captured the showdown yesterday from the hospital's lunch room window. After several attempts to thwart the angry turkey, the delivery man fled to his UPS vehicle, while a bystander chased the brazen animal away.

And you wondered why some of your holiday packages arrived late. After postal services received complaints during the Christmas holiday, perhaps they could blame part of their problems on unruly wildlife.

Watch the video below:

We're not sure what ruffled this bird's feathers, but it certainly seemed to be looking for a fight.

Here's another video from six years ago of an angry turkey antagonizing a UPS man, this time trapping him in a building. 

We know turkeys can behave aggressively at times, and odd at others, and these incidents appear to be a good mix of both. When humans and wildlife encounter each other, it seems to always make for good photographic opportunities.



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Video: Angry Turkey Attacks UPS Driver