Angling in the Keys for Massive Mutton Snapper

Luiza and the crew simply kill it on a recent mutton snapper outing in the Florida Keys.

Filmed in the Florida Keys, this video documents one of the best mutton snapper outing any angler can have.

Watch as they have the best of luck right off that bat on this fishing excision.

This crew was fishing out of Islamorada, FL and they were drifting over sand and rock beds. These areas are known to have many hungry mutton snappers swimming around looking for a meal.

Did you see the luck Luiza had at 160 feet of water on the first drop? She got a hit right away and that was a good sign for the rest of the fishing day.

In case you missed it they were using pinfish to lure in those big mutton snapper fish, and they had 60-80 pound braided line in the reels. Now that you know what you need for mutton snapper fishing and how to do it, you must get out to the Keys and try it for yourself.